Content Marketing Workshops for Your Organization

October 20, 2014 |   2 minute read

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Content Marketing Workshops for Your Organization
  • Do you have staff who need to learn how to write and manage your company’s content marketing?
  • Are you a CEO or manager who wants to learn more about the potential of content marketing for your organization?

Did You Know The Canada-Ontario Job Grant Can Help Your Organization Or Business Get The Training You Need?

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant allows training for your current and new employees and up to 67% will be covered by the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. Here are some of the Content Marketing Workshops that you could send your staff to.

“Many of our clients have returned for a second, or third Tangible Words’ workshop – a true testament to the quality of information being presented.”KEDCO

Choose Your Custom Workshop—your dates, your location:

Top 10 Ways Your Organization Will Benefit:

1. How to Strengthen Your Website, And Prepare Your Organization For The Future2. Learn to Use WordPress for Strategic Communication3. The Right Way to Integrate A Business Blog To Your Website (& Make it Sell For You)
4. Building Loyalty: Your Social Media Hub
5. Relationship Nurturing: Keys to Better Email Marketing
6. How To Present Confidently to Business Colleagues, Peers, and Prospects
7. Introduction to Writing Copy for In-House Writing Teams
8. Workplace Grammar Program (*Also Available for English Second Language Learners.)
+ Reduce Long-Term Cost and risk of dissatisfaction with your new website (minimum $5000 saved).+ Synchronize your team with Best Practices Leadership in online communications.+ Get your prospects saying: “Great website - easy to use."+ Gain immediate control of the world’s most popular website and blogging CMS software to increase adoption with your staff.
+ Reduce risk of miscommunication with website developers.
+ Let professional content serve you, your users and Google.
+ Get a team of writers to manage your sales tools and strategic communication.
+ Eliminate the stress, difficulty and time loss of trying to SEO copywrite your new webpages.
+ Have your staff learn how to write for online relationship building, marketing and sales.
+ Get a crash-course on speaking so you never fear sharing your knowledge in presentations, sales calls, and ‘on the spot’ elevator infomercials.


“Tangible Words gives LTKC clients all the tools they need to succeed for website content development, digital strategy and successful WordPress software use.” - Chuck O’Malley, Corporate Account Manager, Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre.


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