Content Marketing and Website Copywriting Office Now in Ottawa Ontario

July 18, 2013 |   3 minute read

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Content Marketing and Website Copywriting Office Now in Ottawa Ontario
Tangible Words Ltd offers inbound marketing services to small, medium, and corporate businesses.  
We started as an online strategic communications and marketing company with an office in Melbourne, Australia. Now, with Ottawa, Ontario, as our home base, Tangible Words still offers services to businesses anywhere. However, in Canada, our in-house training programs for content marketing and copywriting and in-person project management services target these Canadian locations: Toronto, Kingston, Belleville, Mississauga, Bancroft, and Ottawa.

New Content Marketing Office in Ottawa, Ontario

With content marketing becoming essential for business success and government agency accessibility, the demand for Tangible Words' services is through the roof!

Starting in 2010, Tangible Words has focused on creating relief and profitability for your company. Continuously evolving to meet the changes in online marketing, Tangible Words' inbound marketing services have expanded with the skills of a growing group of in-house specialists in HubSpot, Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategies, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Growth-Driven Website Development and Sales Growth

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Acting as an extension of your in-house team of marketers and salespeople, we help you grow by finding ways to create systems, processes and automation across your marketing, sales and customer service departments.

Co-founders Vicky Marrack and Alysha Dominico believe in living a life of your own design. Working with international companies and managing team members worldwide, Tangible Words supports flexible work hours, location-independent lifestyles, and a company culture that encourages a balance between work and personal passions. 

The Company Growth Podcast helps businesses understand and incorporate business trends into their sales growth plans. Hear Vicky and Alysha discuss the importance of good contact data to help nurture your leads from website visitors to customers.

Company Growth Podcast

Effective Inbound  Marketing Starts with Great Online Writing Skills

Tangible Words started their business as website copywriters. Writing online is an important skill for marketers. If your in-house marketing team struggles with using the right language to attract customers online, we have an Introduction to Copywriting Course to help. Based on our years of experience as online marketers and trained teachers, this course helps businesses excel at creating content that works online.

Are you in Ottawa? Tangible Words is looking to connect with you. Contact Alysha to meet up or invite her to your networking group.

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