#CoolCompanies: DOT & Go Makes Dpt of Transportation Applications Easy

April 09, 2024 |   2 minute read


#CoolCompanies: DOT & Go Makes Dpt of Transportation Applications Easy

Are you a truck fleet owner in the United States? If you are, you'll know there is plenty of paperwork to do to get your vehicles on the road. Chances are you've been overwhelmed by that paperwork. If you've ever wished someone would just complete your Department of Transportation (DOT) number applications for you, you’re in luck with DOT & Go.

Trucking companies need DOTs in order to travel throughout the USA and meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements. The good news for fleet owners is you can get a DOT expert to do the paperwork for you. DOT & Go staff know the information you need to supply and how to follow the process so it’s done right the first time. 

It’s kind of a lifesaver for busy trucking companies. DOT & Go staff know the ins and outs of the trucking industry compliance, and the company continues to upgrade their processes to make trucking life easier.  

DOT & Go started with the basics of data management using the tried and true pen-to-paper way to manage client needs. Now, they’ve grown into being digital data management experts, too.

Not only is the data managed digitally for easy access and updating, but clients can also trust their DOT & Go manager to keep their documentation up to date and on track so there are no day-to-day delays.   

DOT and Go Cool Companies imageDOT & Go, with the help of Tangible Words, tailored a client relationship management software, HubSpot, to meet the unique needs of their clients and their business. They’ve embraced the tools for the most efficient sales management to reach more shipping businesses that need their expertise.

Tangible Words is proud to play a part in the DOT & Go journey as they continue to be forward-thinking data managers in a society dependent on good shipping practices.

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