Site Selectors & Investors Will Love Your Economic Development Website

February 15, 2017 |   2 minute read


Site Selectors & Investors Will Love Your Economic Development Website

So now you know which site selectors and potential investors are looking for in your website and companies you should attract to get the best bang for your economic development efforts.
But you’re not ready to change your website content yet. There’s a whole process to go through in creating the messaging required in your website.

  • If you skip these next steps - there’s no guarantee your staff and readers won’t hate your website 6 months after you’ve just released it.
  • There’s also no guarantee you won’t have wasted the money and time you spent in redeveloping your website.

How to Really Get Investors, Businesses, Site Selectors and Your Municipal Staff To Love Your Website Messages (Content):


  1. If you’re the economic developer in charge of doing the website for the whole county or municipality - you’re going to need a Facilitation Session to bring all the stakeholders together.
  2. A Communications Plan will uncover what your competitors are saying on their website so you can identify gaps - and then fill them for your audience.
  3. You need a Content Strategy for how you’re going to nurture traffic once they are on your site. At a minimum this involves:
    1. Software to track and nurture people so you know more about them before they leave your site.
    2. High quality relevant Content offers to help them on their buyer’s journey so they thank you for being a helpful resource whether they choose you or not.
    3. Sticky content so they can find more of what they need.
    4. Indexed content so you can give them fresh content along the nurturing path
  4. You’re also going to need fresh content offers in the form of blogs and social media posts to drive the right kind of traffic to your site. Once you get the traffic there, that’s when you convert them to leads who can be nicely nurtured, in a way they’ll respect you for.