Get A “Yes” To Your Pitch On The Spot – Case Story

April 19, 2016 |   1 minute read

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Before:  Prescott Russell Economic Development & Tourism (PREDT) Had One Chance To Nail Their Pitch To Metro.

So they asked for Tangible Words to help them get the pitch right before presenting to Metro grocery store.

The Content Marketing Process:

Tangible Words took their team’s collective ideas, researched the prospect, and created a presentation that aligned with the prospect’s goals. In this case, Prescott Russell Economic Development & Tourism was meeting with Metro to ask them to create a local food counter in the nearby Metro store. Tangible Words researched aligned PREDT’s presentation with Metro’s strategic priorities. Metro staff commented that the presentation was "very impressive", and they were eager to contribute to a project that was such a good fit with Metro's mandate.

Prescott - Metro Press Release

The Final Result:

Prescott Russell Economic Development & Tourism got a “yes” and signed contract on the spot from Metro, who was moved to say how impressed they were with the quality of PREDT’s presentation.

PREDT now retains Tangible Words as a content partner for sales and promotional tools work to be completed across the year.

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