Google Trips & TripAdvisor: Attract Tourists to Your Ontario Region

May 09, 2018 |   5 minute read


Google Trips & TripAdvisor: Attract Tourists to Your Ontario Region

One thing that never changes is that people love to travel and they love even more to tell others about it. Whether it’s posting photos on their favourite social media, or talking over dinner with friends, or writing reviews online, it is certain that they will share their experience. With peak tourist season in Ontario fast approaching, let’s take a look at how to attract tourists to your Ontario region using a few basic things that will increase engagement with potential customers.

Use Content on Your Tourism Website to Speak Directly to Visitors

Writing content for a target market is key in getting visitors to a tourism website. Think of that market. Bring them to mind. You know more about them than you think. Are they travelling with their families or as couples? Is it a vacation or business with some leisure? Identifying different tourist personas is the first step in attracting the right ones to your Ontario region tourism website. When you have a clear persona of your target audience, you will know how to speak directly to what kind of vacation they are looking for. When you can identify what it is they are looking for, you can easily write content that speaks directly to them.
How to attract tourists to your ontario regionReview your content strategy. Is it attracting visitors? Website, emails, and social media. Are they all working together? Or do you need new content ideas to attract tourists? Now is a great time to update and refresh your tourism website content strategy before peak season begins.

Content Tip on Discovering Success Stories for Tourism: Search for success stories from people of who have travelled there before and use them as inspiration to create new adventures for your target audience. Make sure your content answers the questions they will have before even thinking of them. Show them what adventures await them and help them make a decision to visit your tourist region.

How To Attract Tourists to Your Ontario Region with Reviews

95% of travellers read 6-7 reviews before booking. Having a fresh content strategy with your website and online social media are great starts, but do not miss the opportunity of winning new customers on Google Trips and TripAdvisor. With a few simple steps you will see how to attract tourists to your Ontario region and easily gain new customers.

What to Know First About Google Trips and TripAdvisor

Google Trips' goal is to help travellers better plan vacations and travel with ease.

  • started in September 2016
  • custom travel plans are created from reservations in your Gmail
  • store your travel itineraries with dates and times, suggest Things to Do, Food & Drink, Getting Around and Day Plan options
  • available on iOS and Android
  • allows for off-line access when data is not usable
  • pulls their information of tourism businesses from Google My Business.

So how up-to-date is your information on Google? Keep reading to learn these simple steps and how to attract tourists to your Ontario region.
TripAdvisor’s mission statement is to help people around the world plan and have the perfect trip.

  • started in 2000
  • over 455 million monthly visitors
  • user-generated content
  • Ontario alone has over 2.5 million reviews with more than 37,000 topics being discussed
  • offers suggestions on Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Restaurants and Things to do
  • available as a website and an app for both iOS and Android
  • content is search engine friendly.

When was the last time you took a look at your TripAdvisor information? Following are 3 very simple steps to bring more visitors to your tourism website.

3 Simple Steps to Increase Engagement with Your Target Audience by Utilizing Google Trips and TripAdvisor

For both Google and TripAdvisor:

  1. Fill out your business page. Update your address, hours, website and contact. Include as much information as possible. Make it easy for people to find your business with correct information.

  2. People love photos, so add them. Tell the story of your amazing piece of Ontario with photos by letting them see it.  Professional photos matter! Things like consistent lighting in your pictures can make your story more legit.

  3. Respond to your reviews. Thank them for the feedback, good or bad. By responding to each review you are letting your customers know they are valued. Remember you are responding to everyone including potential customers and not just those who wrote the review.  

By completing these 3 very simple steps you’ll put your business well ahead of the competition who do not take the time and miss the opportunity of attracting more tourists to your Ontario Region.

Do you want to attract tourists to your Ontario region with unique and captivating content?

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