Helping Nature Seekers Find Your Outdoor Tourist Destination Online

January 29, 2015 |   3 minute read


Helping Nature Seekers Find Your Outdoor Tourist Destination Online

For tourists who love to get outside during their free time, nature related destinations, like Conservation Areas, should be high on their search list. When planning trips, potential visitors will have different reasons for choosing a destination and will use specific words when searching online for their best options. 

Bottom line: You want them to find you first.  Website copywriters work with you to define your audience, tailor your message and engage your target audience to get those visitors to choose your tourist destination online. In our last article, we speak about 3 Easy Ways To Start A Target Audience List For Your Tourist Destination.

Why Content Marketing Should Matter To Outdoor Tourism Providers like Conservation Areas

Good content marketing applies to whatever you are trying to promote whether it’s goods and services or attracting tourists; as a tourism provider you’re selling an experience. Think about what motivates your potential visitors when you are creating your website, social media posts and other products that build your business.

Be the answer to the question, What are we going to do today? Appeal to what motivates nature seeking tourists with your online content and hook users by emphasizing the features and benefits of visiting your destination.”

Nature Destination Case in Point: Conservation Areas

In Ontario, there are vast areas of geographic and culturally significant outdoor spaces, many of which are accessible through Conservation Areas. Conservation Areas are a unique group of nature based tourist destinations owned and operated by Conservation Authorities. Much like Provincial Parks, these natural areas are open to the public for day trips, camping, and year round outdoor activities that vary from site to site but with similar tourist appeal. Visitors to conservation areas want to experience nature and outdoor activities as these areas are managed to preserve places of significance many represent special features of the areas where they are located like natural and cultural history, landscapes, and ecosystems.

3 Motivators for Nature Seekers to Visit Your Conservation Area

  1. A sense of accomplishment
    You can entice a large segment of the population by emphasizing your convenience factor. Highlight points like your trail network can be completed within a couple of hours, dogs are allowed on site, or you can have a picnic beside the play structure. Create an opportunity for success and have your visitors leave feeling content.
  1. A new experience
    Appeal to outdoor lovers’ sense of discovery. Define your unique feature and let people know about it. If your site is often described as a “hidden gem” it’s time to reveal it.  Create a buzz around discovering interesting features on site like hidden waterfalls, rarely seen species at risk or untouched old growth forest. Promote self interpretive trails, guided tours and facilitated outdoor education activities to reach a broad range of users.
  1. To support the environment
    Act on nature seekers love of the outdoors to help them support the environmental significance of the conservation area.  Conservation Areas provide a huge benefit to the environment, entice your visitors by explaining why and letting them help. Make them aware a visit a conservation area is a show of support for the environment through things like user fees, donations, and volunteer opportunities.

Using effective content helps tick the right boxes and get visitors excited about your nature destination. You can probably think of more motivators and information you know needs to be on your website. Feeling overwhelmed? No problem, you can get started with a content plan.

Do you want to attract tourists to your Ontario region with unique and captivating content?

All the money you’ve spent on your website is wasted if you don’t have the right content to help tourists choose your Ontario Region.

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