A Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Ontario Tourist Destination

January 22, 2015 |   2 minute read


A Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Ontario Tourist Destination

You have an amazing tourist destination that “has something for everyone”. You’re sure this place is so amazing that families will love it, your grandma will love it, your dog will love it and...well, you get the point. Sounds amazing, right?
Yet, while you probably do have a great destination with broad appeal do you really know who would and should visit? And how those visits can turn into regular visitors, word of mouth referrals and great reviews?
You’ve probably heard it before, know your target audience. And, before you think, well, everyone is my audience you know that’s not quite true. There will be some people who won’t want to visit your site, ever (gasp).They’re just not into it and that’s okay. Cross them off the list of potential visitors you need to market to.
Concentrate on the types of people you’re confident will enjoy what you have to offer.

Here’s 3 Easy Ways To Start A Target Audience List For Marketing Your Tourist Destination:

  1. Recognize your regular visitors. Look at your statistics (these can simply be guest books, pass holders, or staff knowledge of who’s on site regularly).Marketing to this group means appreciating their loyalty with discounts on admission or special offers or insider information. Whatever you can offer that will benefit them and let them know you are aware of their loyalty to the site.
  2. Use your unique feature to draw specialty groups. Do you have a rare wildflower, multi-use trails, or cultural artifacts on site?Connect with special interest groups who are already passionate about your unique feature. Tailor the message to appeal to them when they’re searching for exactly what you have.
  3. Understand your neighbours and what draws tourists to your area. Are you close to a major waterway, a unique landmark, or interesting cultural feature?Share in the successful marketing feature of your area. Mention the greater region on your website, in your newsletter and promotional materials. Help people make the connection and consider your site even when they may be travelling in the area for another reason.

So, to reach your target audience first: recognize the people who already visit, attract people who are interested in your unique offering, persuade people visiting the area for another reason to visit you. Focus on these groups, help them enjoy their visit and you have created a positive new marketing tool—happy visitors—to complement the Other Products That Build Your Business.
And, remember strong marketing does not mean it happens overnight it means you have thought about your audience and how to connect with them, please them and create a reason for them to return. Now that you’ve learned how to define your target audience get help to keep them interested, sign up for Tangible Words E-news for monthly tips, tricks and advice to manage your content marketing.

Do you want to attract tourists to your Ontario region with unique and captivating content?

All the money you’ve spent on your website is wasted if you don’t have the right content to help tourists choose your Ontario Region.

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