Does Your Tourist Destination Website Attract Visitors?

February 05, 2015 |   2 minute read


Does Your Tourist Destination Website Attract Visitors?

In case you missed it, in the past two articles we discuss Marketing Your Tourist Destination and Helping Nature Seekers find Your Tourist Destination online. These should provide helpful ideas on starting to effectively market your tourist destination online.

But is your tourist destination website lacking the simple information that is essential to limit frustration for users and potentially turn them off your tourist destination before they’ve even stepped foot through the entrance.

Make These Updates to Your Tourist Destination Website Right Now and Help Your Audience Get the Information They Need:

  1. Up-to-date information especially for things like hours, fees, and program schedules. Even if they stay the same, refresh your headings and events to reflect the year. Users won’t risk wasting time to visit and find dates and times have changed. Go ahead change everything to 2015 as soon as you’re done reading this blog article.
  2. A contact link that actually makes contact with someone. If you are not going to respond to emails or social media messages after hours let users know before they fire off a question that won’t get answered until Monday morning.
  3. If you have trails or a large site put your maps online so people can be prepared and plan their day before they arrive. Look for easy to use tools from Google to get started on interactive maps to replace static image files.

You can learn how to engage those users and better promote your destination online. If you are interested in discussing how to revamp Sign up for the Tangible Words e-news and receive Content Marketing Advice and a Free 7-Step Customer Engagement Course to Better Your Business Online.

Do you want to attract tourists to your Ontario region with unique and captivating content?

All the money you’ve spent on your website is wasted if you don’t have the right content to help tourists choose your Ontario Region.

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