7 Things About Foreign Tourists Your Ontario Region Should Know

February 01, 2017 |   3 minute read


7 Things About Foreign Tourists Your Ontario Region Should Know

Ontario has been struggling to find new ways to attract more foreign tourists into their region. Now it's not as simple as blasting an ad or visiting with a tour operator. It's about expanding networks beyond the oceans and tapping into what is really making people interested in our little slice of heaven we call home.

Ensure you know all there is to know about foreign tourists and their interests

Here are 7 Things About Foreign Tourists Your Ontario Region Should Know

  1. Travellers are looking for the ecotourism vision. Canada is widely known for its unspoiled, adventure driven landscape. People come to Canada to experience all of the outdoorsy activities from ice fishing, to rock climbing to white water rafting. So in order to optimize the number of these adventure seeking internationals, as a region you need to tap into what will attract visitors to you.  
  2. The Foreign tourism sector is continuously growing. According to Canada as a whole, foreign travelling is growing and has set to increase to 40 million travellers a year. This means that the market is getting bigger, so searching for the foreigners is becoming easier to do.
  3. Foreign tourists like feeling at home away from home. Whatever culture you're targeting learn their ways, adding something in your website or social media about their culture that makes them feel more comfortable. Although they come to experience a new culture, having the comfort of their own also helps to make them feel more welcomed and likely they will stay longer.
  4. Most foreigners are travelling for pleasure, so make sure their visit is just that. Don't stuff heavy itinerary down their throats. Even with overnight travellers, 7.64 million are there as a holiday so making sure they have a good time should be at the top of your priorities.
  5. The more information you give the better. Sometimes tourists don't know much about what you offer as a region. Whether it's your attractions, to destinations even to your region's laws. Giving them that extra information is what could bring them to you.
  6. The United States is the top international traveller to Canada. Taking that into consideration make sure that you make your region unique. Considering the United States and Canada offer similar landscapes, making your region seem like the place to be is key when attracting this sector of travellers.
  7.  International travellers are staying for longer. Overnight visitors have declined by 20% over the past decade. That means that they are giving us the opportunity to show them even more of our country. Offer packages, interact and share other attractions on social media, and ensure your visitors that there is more than enough to do.

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