How To Attract Investors To Your Canadian Economic Region

October 24, 2016 |   2 minute read


How To Attract Investors To Your Canadian Economic Region

When you redeveloped your economic development website, did you account for SEO website copywriting? All the money you've spent on your website is wasted if you don't have the right content to help attract investors to your Canadian economic region.

3 Ways to Attract Investors To Your Canadian Economic Region

  1. Know what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. You need to separate you from your competition and drive investors to your economic region. So think about what sets you apart and create your content around that feature.
  2. Know the niche market you’re targeting. Define your target audience so you're not wasting time trying to woo investors who are not, and never will be, interested in your region. Once you do, use consistent language with a simple message. Make sure investors know exactly what you’re offering them and why it’s different, and better, than the others.
  3. Use social media or start a blog. Position your EDO as experts in what your area has to offer by creating content investors and site selectors can find at every stage of their decision making journey. You need to spread the word about all your region's assets and EDO services on your blog and through social media channels so investors can find out about your economic region and what makes you different.

Does Your Economic Development Website Need A Makeover?

If you've already invested in website content and design and you don't have the budget to redo it all,  you can make simple changes to your existing site to better appeal to investors researching their next endeavour.
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