How To Attract Investors Boost Website Traffic With Social Media

June 12, 2017 |   2 minute read


How To Attract Investors Boost Website Traffic With Social Media

You can attract investors with social media plus boost website traffic. Step One: create a relationship between your business social media accounts and your company’s website. Use social media to offer compelling information that leads followers to your website. Then investors can the find details about investing in your economic development region on your website. Plan your social media content strategy around this relationship to help you convert more visitors to investors.

Here's 4 Ways to Attract Investors With Social Media and Increase Website Traffic

There's 21 million active social media users in Canada (as of January 2016). Tap into that audience to boost website traffic with social media following these four tips:

  1. Share More. Social Media is not the place to sell things. People use social media to connect and engage. So highlight your successes or showcase local businesses in your website’s posts. Then share them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It's win-win. Local spots get free promotion and your website becomes way easier to find by those who may be interested. 
  2. Offer ‘Insider’s Info’ about Your #EconDev Region. You want to show how unique your community is and how much you know about it. You can do this by answering the most popular questions about your economic region on social media and encouraging followers to submit new ones. You'll sset your tourist region aparthowcase your area, engage with your social media audience and stand out among your competitors.
  3. Use Social Media to Network. A lot of your job involves public facing events and meetings. Nothing can replace human interactions however you can add a personal (yet professional) touch through social media. Platforms like LinkedIn provide a more professional arena to engage in social media interactions for business. Use these networking platforms to create warm leads and attract investors online.
  4. Make Your Visitors Feel Special. All good relationships re
    quire nurturing. Use a great, well-timed offer to build trust. Give your visitors an appealing offer for coming to your website (like an e-newsletter or a webinar registration link).

While social media is a fantastic way of expanding your reach you need to make sure your social connections are doing  what you need like attracting investors online.

Use Facts to Guide Your Social Media Strategy