How to Attract Investors to Your Economic Development Region

March 03, 2017 |   3 minute read

Inbound Marketing , Economic Development


A well-rounded marketing strategy to promote your economic development region starts with a widespread online presence. A hybrid approach making full use of modern tech and opportunities for organic search results, is what will draw the notice of investors.

There are four simple simple steps to attract investors to your economic development region with inbound marketing.

What it Takes to Create A Strong Inbound Marketing Campaign

  1. Attract visitors.
    Use social media profiles to expand your audience and connect viewers to your blog or site. As of late 2016, the number of Facebook users surpassed 1 billion. Take advantage of the monthly turnout and provide key content on your pages to increase the chance of return visits. Include quality images of your region, relevant links, and posts tailored to audience interest. Ensure all of your sites and profiles connect back to each other.
  1. Know the path you want potential investors to go on your economic development website so it is easy to navigate.

  2. Convert those visitors.
    Your guests have arrived and are expecting offers. Visitors become leads when the right offer is made - to do this, provide a content offer targeting the interests that brought visitors to your site in the first place. Is the goal of your inbound marketing campaign to have visitors fill out a form? Make it easy for them to do so with simple, clear content and navigation. Whether your goal is course registrations, ebook sales, or you’re building a mailing list, optimizing page content is crucial to success with inbound marketing.

  3. Close the deal.
    The offer has been made and your leads are on the verge of becoming investors. A strong inbound marketing campaign requires effective use of closing techniques. Actions encouraging a close - like timely e-newsletter delivery, friendly reminders of limited offers, and personalized appeals, can determine whether you gain or lose a potential customer. Help your investors connect with you how they choose, like offering online meetings and easy-appointment bookings.

  4. Delight your customers.
    Look beyond the initial deal. Loyalty attracts investors. Maintain positive relations with your economic development contacts by giving them a say - ask for feedback, find out how you can improve their experience. Doing so will improve your own appeal in the eyes of investors. Update your site regularly. Engage through social media and email by promoting business success stories in your region. Regular engagement shows investors the value you place on economic development.

Attract + Convert + Close + Delight = Strong Inbound Marketing Campaign

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