How to Attract More Customers to Your Website

July 03, 2018 |   2 minute read

How to Attract More Customers to Your Website

How do you attract more customers to your website? By providing them with content that is relevant to their specific needs across a variety of platforms. Your inbound marketing strategy should make it easy for customers to find you and help you sell from your website. To do that, your strategy needs to include using several platforms and the appropriate new content that will attract more customers by driving traffic to your website.

Marketing Tools You Can Use to Attract More Customers Online

There are many opportunities to reach your ideal audience online. The trick to successful online marketing is to know what content to use for which platform. Technology like AI can help you create the right tone for each platform. It's important that you and your team have input into what content will attract the right audience. The human contribution to your content, from sales experience to marketing and content writing expertise, remains key to overall success. So, you can excel at marketing your business online using a content strategy and the tech available to you.

Here are five ways you can connect with your audience online:

  • Your business blog. Use regularly updated content to share your views and expertise on your products
  • Podcasts. Build an informational audio file personalized to your customer's needs (listen to the Company Growth podcast for tips)
  • E-Newsletter.  Stay top of mind with updates and information customers and prospects should know. Remember, with GDPR and CASL,  you need a vetted process for bulk emailing.
  • SEO Keywords & Topic Clusters. Know which phrases and topics will best allow your site to be found via search engines to attract more customers.
  • Social Media. Encourage customers and prospects to engage with your company - if you’re not active in these real-time spaces, you’re not active in your business.

How to Create a Sales Pitch For Any Audience

Here are some foundational reminders for your sales team to ensure your new content is paired with a great sales pitch to drive your sales. Your sales team are your closers, so give them the confidence to: 

  1. Speak with knowledge
  2. Act with confidence
  3. Sell with authenticity

Boost Chances of Your Content Converting: Follow the Sales Growth Checklist

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