How To Attract Manufacturer Customers With Smarketing and Personas

November 01, 2017 |   4 minute read


How To Attract Manufacturer Customers With Smarketing and Personas

Manufacturing is a precise trade, approached with intent; so is its marketing to attract manufacturer customers. In order to be precise with the marketing content needed to find manufacturing customers locally or internationally you need a clear picture of who those customers are. Forming this picture (your target audience) is the first step to creating custom content that will link buyer and seller, and provide dual benefits for each.

- Hint: Think Persona Development

Attract Manufacturer Customers With Strategic Persona Development

Visualizing your target audience - to attract manufacturer customers - by researching their interests, needs, likes, dislikes and online habits helps you create an accurate buyer persona. You may form several personas within one target audience as no two customers will be exactly the same (perhaps you sell both to manufacturers and directly to consumers). The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of buyer needs so you can better guide customers through each stage of the buyer’s journey: awareness of your product, consideration of its benefits and the decision to buy.

When you tailor your content to the people who need it, you demonstrate an understanding of those needs...and a desire to fulfill them.

If you need an objective perspective to help with your persona development, Hubspot has the tool for you. It’s one resource that helps ensure you form a complete and accurate picture of who it is you’re selling to. The more committed you are to your audience, the stronger a relationship you can build with them. The stronger the relationship, the greater the customer loyalty. So know your audience, and create relevant content based on that knowledge to attract manufacturer customers.

If you know who you need to reach, you can find what you need to say.

Become One Of The Best Industrial Websites By Smarketing Your Content

best industrial websiteYour sales team is likely more familiar with the latter part of the buyer’s journey (decision). The decision stage is where leads are ready to transform into sales.

The insight from this vantage point differs from that of your marketers. Marketers work to raise awareness of your product by advertising its benefits, sales closes the deal. Smarketing - bringing together sales and marketing efforts to improve sales -  adds dimension to your buyer personas because it crafts more of a complete picture.

This is integral for effective persona development, and therefore for creating and sharing effective content on your website.

Only when your marketing team produces the right content can they bring in the right leads for sales conversion.

Smarketing your website content as part of your inbound marketing strategy attracts manufacturing customers more efficiently.

Here are Some Benefits of Smarketing for Manufacturing Companies:

  • Less waste of funds and resources: your sales and marketing teams have the same personas in mind, so they won’t be advertising to the wrong audience.
  • Clearer goal setting, as both departments regularly communicate to keep on track.
  • More free time to spend on quality control, perfecting your product, and releasing it to the masses before the competition.

Once you have these elements in place, you can work on content that builds your trusted reputation. Who knows, maybe your company will have one of the best industrial websites going!

3 Things To Consider When Developing Custom Content

 - and creating one of the best industrial websites

  1. Do your buyer personas prefer most of their content as video, audio, writing, or images? Keep in mind the preferred language and cultural considerations of your buyers when doing business internationally.
  2.  Does your persona require in-depth product specifications? If so, at which stage of the buyer’s journey should you present this information to best hold their interest?
  1. Have a clear CTA (call-to-action) on your website directing buyers to your main service or product. Your CTA is a crucial piece of content necessary for reaching your business goals, and as such needs to be seen easily. (See CTA stats collected by Ashley Wilson-Rew at Protocol 80, Inc.)

Why Understanding Your Target Audience Pays Off

- and how to go about it
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