How to Make a Good Infographic?

July 04, 2013 |   2 minute read


How to Make a Good Infographic?

Infographics are an effective way to share your message using images and limited text. They are easy to digest and an important part of your content creation strategy, which includes using multiple communication styles to reach your target audience.  

How to Make a Good Infographic

Making a good infographic means designing it for your target audience. Different styles of infographics reflect the businesses and ideas they're supporting. The imagery and text must reflect the tone of the information you share. New Call-to-action

If you're really new to infographics, follow these tips to understand what can work for your business.

  1. Look at other good infographics. You can do a Google Image search to see what's out there (there will be a lot, so limit the search to your industry sector to get a better range of ideas). It's good to start by knowing the best infographics for your sector. There are many different data visualizations to help you show customers complex data more clearly.
  2. Try to write an article about what you want the infographic to represent. The process of writing out an article forces you to group ideas together in paragraphs (logically) and to make sure you group subsidiary ideas underneath larger ideas. This will help you figure out what the sections of your infographic are and how to break up ideas or group related concepts together.
  3. Write out the sections with the images you imagine. I'm doing this for a client right now, and it's actually quite easy to figure out a great complementary infographic to complement some of your longer documents, like white papers. It's cool because you can get a condensed version out to more people, and then, the people who want to know more can get to the longer document, too.

Pro tip: use an infographic as a call to action to engage your target audience and have them sign up for more content from you. Your infographic can be a gateway to nurturing a potential customer through their buyer's journey.

 There is online software you can use to create a good infographic. Canva has free and paid options for small budgets. If you've got the resources, find a great graphic designer who understands good infographic design. As Balliett's article points out, not all designers know how to do this, and many infographics out there break the fundamental design principles.

Keep your infographic compelling and informative so you can use and reuse it across multiple platforms.

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