How to Make a Good Infographic?

July 04, 2013 |   2 minute read

Content Creation , Tangible Words

Process for Making a Good Infographic

  1. Look at other good infographics. You can do a Google Image search to see a whole bunch, or use an App like I do, such as Infographics by Column Five. But you don't want to start not really knowing what the best infographics are.
  2. Try to write the article. The process of writing out an article forces you to group ideas together in paragraphs (logically) and to make sure you group subsidiary ideas underneath larger ideas. This will help you figure out what the sections of your infographic are and how to break up ideas, or group related concepts together.
  3. Write out the sections with the images you imagine. I'm doing this for a client right now, and it's actually quite easy to figure out a great complementary infographic to complement some of your longer documents, like white papers. It's cool because you can get a condensed version out to more people, and then the people who want to know more can get to the longer document too.

Content Planning

4. Find a great graphic designer who understands good infographic design - as Balliett's article points out, not all designers really know how to do this and there are lots of infographics out there that break the fundamental design principles.

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