How to Reach Your Economic Development Investors Today

December 22, 2016 |   2 minute read


How to Reach Your Economic Development Investors Today

Reaching your target audience aka economic development investors is only part of the mission. You must connect in a way that is helpful to your audience and helps you nurture relationships for long term investment in and growth of your region.
Why? Lack of connection means lack of relationship and lack of investment in your region. Growth is achieved through shared resources and networking. You and your economic development staff are responsible for different areas of investor engagement from the handshakes to fielding information requests and most importantly (because it gets you found everywhere) online content creation.

Here's 3 Ways Your Online Content Starts In-House

Learn How to Maximize Your Chances of Connecting with Economic Development Investors

Inbound marketing is how you use online content to draw your audiences in by giving them information they want rather than forcing them to choose with hard sell tactics. Here's some tips on how to do it for your economic development region:

  • Don’t just target an audience, target them at the right time.

Be clear on what you offer and feed it to your audience in a gradual manner, allowing time for processing. This maintains their interest and improves your chances at a successful call to action.

  • Successful calls to action don’t beat around the bush—they communicate your goals directly to incite a direct response.

Perhaps you have considered marketing automation. This is an area where you could send out information or calls to actions depending on what they do or do not do in a timely manner.

Want To Try Inbound Marketing? Check Out HubSpot

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Hubspot is one example of marketing automation software. Tangible Words is a partner of Hubspot and can assist you with implementing this useful, and powerful software to help you attract investors to your economic development region.
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