How to Use Twitter to Increase Sales

November 20, 2018 |   5 minute read

How to Use Twitter to Increase Sales

People do not always see the results they would like to from their social media marketing strategy. Maybe your Twitter account isn’t gaining new followers or you're finding it difficult to engage with your current followers with likes, retweets or mentions. Maybe social media isn't driving new visitors to your website. Be encouraged, you can learn how to use Twitter to increase sales. By being active on Twitter, engaging with others, and tweeting useful content, you will gain more followers and build loyalty with current ones - which is how you use social media marketing to gain more sales.

It is recommended that you do a website audit each year and find new ways to attract more visitors. Meaning you stop and take a hard look at how visitors are interacting with your web pages.

Same goes for social media marketing. Stop and look at how people are interacting with your Twitter content. Who are your followers? What kind of content are they responding to? What are they retweeting? What are their interests?

To do any social media platform well you have to have a clear understanding of who your followers are and what content they are looking for.

With a good picture of who your followers are and what kind of content they're interested in, writing content for social media becomes so much simpler. Understanding what followers are engaging with will help you understand how to use Twitter in a way that will attract new business attention online. Being present, authentic, and approachable is vital in building a sense of loyalty and trust with your followers. This is how you increase sales; by growing your social media reach with more followers and more interactions.

5 Tips for How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Reach and Increase Your Engagement and See Your Sales Increase:

  • how to use twitter to get noticedInclude Twitter cards/graphics in your tweets
  • Focus on growing your followers
  • Use Hashtags in the correct way
  • Maximize your Twitter lists
  • Look at what your competitors are doing

1. Twitter cards are an awesome way to have your tweet be more visible. People love graphics and Twitter cards are more easily noticed in the Twitter feed. Statistics are showing an increase in engagement when Twitter cards are used versus a tweet with no card. With multiple templates to choose from, using the cards allows you to also share more information with your followers.

2. Spend some time each day searching Twitter for related topics and interact with new people. Have discussions, ask questions, comment on other tweets and retweet relevant information from other Twitter accounts. When people see these things, they will take interest and begin following your Twitter account. You will see your Twitter following grow organically.

3. Hashtags are simply a way to find conversations. Post tweets with 1-2 hashtags, research them carefully and use relevant ones to the topic. A simple search on Twitter will show you what people are using. You can get creative with them but keep in mind hashtags are there to make others find your tweet more easily.

4. As your Twitter account grows, your Twitter feed can begin to feel very clogged up. Using lists is a great way to break it down more simply. You can create Twitter Lists to suit you and your needs. Lists for prospective customers, current customers; add what works for your business. Learn how to use Twitter Lists to make lists work for you and all that you can do with them.

5. Competitors... it never hurts to stop once in a while and see what other people in your market or similar market are doing and what their followers are responding to. Researching how your competitor is using their social media presence does not mean copy everything they do or anything they do necessarily. Finding inspiration and learning new ways to connect with your followers is the goal here, not copying.

By having a Twitter account that is active and engaging, followers will gain the confidence and assurance they need before they click buy now. Social media marketing is often the first introduction to new customers. To increase sales using social media, you need to have a clear strategy for each platform your business is on.

Looking for More Tips and Tricks to Learn How Better to Use Twitter to Increase Sales?

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