How Using Social Media Marketing Can Improve Sales

November 13, 2017 |   8 minute read


How Using Social Media Marketing Can Improve Sales

When using social media for business marketing you increase your sales by building online relationships and helping potential customers feel more comfortable making a purchase from you. They’ll get the confidence they need to click BUY from your social media presence.

This is the motherload article. What makes it the best? Here are just a few things it covers (all of which will get you closer to lead conversion)!

If social media feels overwhelming to you, keep reading. Learn how using social media for business marketing helps connect you with potential clients and generate more business online. Business marketing with social media is a long-term commitment for long-term returns for your company online marketing.

This article covers all things content: fixing it, creating a strategy by using your target market and buyer personas, and creating a content calendar to help you stay organized and see social media results. It helps you decide what you should focus on when brainstorming, gives you an overview of social media platforms, and gives you ideas for developing a long-term social media marketing strategy.


3 Steps When Using Social Media For Business Marketing

  1. Fix your website content.
  2. Develop a social media content policy and strategy:
    1. What target market and buyer personas you're hoping to attract
    2. Which social media platforms to use
    3. What type of content will be relevant to share
    4. Who will be responsible for posting
    5. When and how often you’ll share your content
    6. Set SMART goals to define success
  3. Create a content marketing Editorial Calendar where you plan each content posting for all platforms (Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, etc.) so it’s never a surprise what you’re writing about, and you don’t run out of content to share. 

Now you’re ready to implement your plan. Create content when using social media for business marketing to provide a consistent, trustworthy picture of your company.  


Brainstorming Your Content Strategy For Social Media

Using Social Media for BusinessThe content strategy takes a lot of creative thought, and it’s best to do that thinking before you start using the tools themselves. To avoid the tendency to over-commit to social media, stay focused on the needs of your customers. Reach your target audience by fulfilling their needs.

One of the reasons people  have always been attracted to the internet is the ability to find nearly “real time” information.

To grow your online presence start with the people who already know and like you, and use them as warm door knocks. Make an obvious link between your content and the interests of your target market to ensure marketing success when using social media for business marketing.


4 Social Media Platforms to Increase Online Sales

  1. Facebook: Most of us are familiar with Facebook and have used it to connect with family and friends. Although making the transition to using Facebook for business may seem intimidating, it's a natural fit when you utilize it to sell for you. Here are 5 simple ways to attract visitors to your Facebook page and how to get liked.
  1. Twitter: If you’re still wondering, “What the $%#^ Is a Hashtag,” don’t worry. It’s easy to use Twitter to attract business attention online. Here are some tips to get people to notice you on Twitter. Check out Meru Cabs online strategy – it got them noticed! You can also use Twitter at conferences to grow your network. Use your content strategy to make your Twitter content worth a retweet. And, be sure to complete the most powerful Twitter task you can do today for your business.
  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn will increase online sales for your company.
  1. BuzzFeed: Here’s how to unlock the secret to BuzzFeed’s success for your company.

Use Social Media Effectively For Business Marketing Long-Term

Over the long-term, social media can be extremely profitable for your business. However, you need to spend the time creating a solid plan to stay on top of your social media marketing.

Therefore, you need to track the effectiveness of your strategy and calculate the Return on Energy. Make adjustments where necessary. You will begin to see lots of shares, likes, and retweets. In no time, your network of followers will grow and increase your online sales.


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