Website Copywriting That Doesn't Make You Sick

October 14, 2011 |   6 minute read

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Website Copywriting That Doesn't Make You Sick

Last week, Hubspot contacted me to tell me about their Partners Program. When I looked at the video they sent me, I was delighted to hear Hubspot CEO Brain Halligan espouse a similar argument to what I've been making since I started  Tangible Words Copywriting in Melbourne and Toronto. Just tell me if you agree with this:

"People are sick of being marketed to, and we know how to block it out."

Too right. In our website copywriting workshops, I always tell participants to think of how they watch TV. No one stops to watch advertisements anymore (unless you don't have a PVR, a 'mute' button, another channel, or the ability to get up and leave the room).

Your website – and all of your marketing materials – have to give people what they want. That's how you improve the user experience and invite people into your business instead of turning them away.

So here's the 'golden compass' to better content writing & website copywriting (that won't make you sick): Write the content people want in order to trust you, so they can easily find you when they're ready to purchase. That way, you're empowering your audience to choose, which also fosters rapport.

And how do you write website content that builds trust and rapport? Know your audience and speak to them regularly across the mediums they prefer:

  • Business blogs enable fast searching of questions your prospects type into search engines
  • Copywriting structures your website content in a logical sequence which answers audience's obvious questions
  • Know how to maintain your business blogs, website content and e-newsletters/letters.

Table of Contents

1. Website Written by a Website Copywriting Company – What's the ROI?

You don't have to be a writer to know that there's an important distinction between writing an academic paper, writing an email, and writing copy for a website. Writing for an online platform requires a trained and sophisticated understanding of how people read and interact with content online. 

2. How Website Copywriting Can Get Your Ottawa Business Noticed

The crux of copywriting is proving to your potential customers why they should use your services instead of your competitors. Good copy can be the difference between a website that creates sales growth, and one that doesn't make a difference in your revenue. See how with Tangible Words. 

3. Content Marketing and Website Copywriting Office Now in Ottawa, Ontario

Tangible Words offers content marketing and website copywriting services to small, medium, and corporate businesses in Canada and Australia.  

4. Comparing Google vs Apple Website Copywriting

Even "the greats" like Apple sometimes make big marketing mistakes. When your business is finding success, you might think that you can lay off the marketing and let word get out on its own. But competitors are always at the ready, prepared to pick up any business that slips through your fingers. Staying diligent with your marketing helps keep your customers loyal and your revenue growing. 

5. Quantec Geoscience 25+ page – SEO Website Copywriting Case Story

Are you struggling to determine which parts of an old website are worth keeping and which might be outdated or have served their purpose already? When determining the next steps for your website, it never hurts to have an expert by your side. Check out this case story to learn more.

6. Business Seminars in Ottawa on Website Copywriting and Business Blogging

Wanting to connect with a community or learn more about website copywriting and business blogging? Reach out to Tangible Words to hear more about our upcoming seminars both online and in person.

Website Written by a Website Copywriting Company – What's the ROI?

When writing copy, your style has to minimally balance these 9 factors:

  1. SEO-focussed content
  2. Non-academic writing techniques
  3. Copywriting knowledge of how people read
  4. Graphic Text for online skim readers
  5. Benefit-focussed content
  6. WIIFM-focussed language
  7. User-friendly and “sticky" layout of content 
  8. Target audience focused content
9. Considerable Sales and Marketing Knowledge
Need help with your copywriting strategy? Qualified copywriting companies like Tangible Words can get you the results you want.

How Website Copywriting Can Get Your Ottawa Business Noticed

Having trouble articulating exactly what makes your business a better choice than your competitors? Website copywriting can be the difference between getting noticed and getting scrolled past. 

Here are 3 ways that website copywriting helps you do more business, wherever you are:

1. SEO Strategy

2. Concise language  

3. Effective Calls To Action. 

Read this article to learn how an update to your website's copy can get you noticed in your city.

Content Marketing and Website Copywriting Office Now in Ottawa, Ontario

Want to learn more about how Tangible Words is serving customers all the way from Australia to Canada? As an online strategic communications and marketing company, Tangible Words is leaning into their niche; delivering top quality online services to companies all over the world.

Comparing Google vs Apple Website Copywriting

In this article, we analyze the copywriting techniques by two tech giants. We look at the website copy surrounding the release of Googles Nexus smartphone versus Apple's iphone 5, and discuss why you can't rely on marketing hype to sell your products online. 

Quantec Geoscience 25+ page – SEO Website Copywriting Case Story

Want to update your website content to suit a more professional image of your business? Need help communicating the integrity and the purpose of your company in a clear and concise way? Tangible Words can you 

Business Seminars in Ottawa on Website Copywriting and Business Blogging

Tangible Words has hosted business seminars for website copywriting, business blogging, and sales/e-newsletter copywriting across Ontario. If you're interesting in diving into learning more about how to write better content for your business, sign up for one of our upcoming seminars. 

Make sure you never turn your customers off with your website's copy. Learn more by downloading our free e-book or by listening to our company growth podcast. New Call-to-action