Do Commercials Sell or Just Interrupt?

June 05, 2013 |   1 minute read

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Do Commercials Sell or Just Interrupt?

You TubeLast Saturday night I was hanging out with some friends in Ottawa, and as it often happens, at some point in the night we opened up You Tube and started feeding the music by finding the songs we already love.

My younger cousin was hooking it all up and he remarked, "It kind of sucks. I hate that there's a commercial first, we have to wait for the song to play now."


What is the thought behind commercials these days?

And it got me all fired up. I mean, what is the thought behind commercials these days? Aren't all consumers thinking, "Why are you already setting me up to hate your product by stopping me from getting what I want right now?"
I think even funny, clever commercials will struggle to be appreciated if the timing of their delivery is off. Consumers only want to buy when they are on the hunt to buy.
So I'm asking the question: Is there any amount of "shoving myself in your face" that is going to work to make a conversion anymore? Have you recently bought a product that was shoved in your face unexpectedly? And if so, which? How come? Or do you think TV commercials show us, 20 seconds can create a “punchy”, valuable marketing opportunity?
Just wait until later this week, where I'll give you other reasons why I'm unsure about the use of commercials and advertising.