Google Penguin 2.0: to Help Users Find the Content They Need

May 27, 2013 |   2 minute read

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Google is going to release a new update to their Search spiders! It's called Penguin 2.0 update.

This is completely in-line with Google's motto " don't be evil".
Now people who have been using dodgy SEO tricks and methods will continue to be punished by seeing their once-recommended sites get completely bumped from search result recommendations.
This is GREAT news! I'm so pleased that honest small and medium businesses will have to worry less about stupid spammers who want to hijack their site traffic through WordPress comments and the like in order to try to drive traffic to their spammy sites. As a business owner, I'm tired of these people filling in our online website inquiry forms and thinking that we will allow their comments to be published on our site.
Google is showing great leadership with Penguin 2.0 by continuing to help us create the kind of internet we all want: a clean, useful search tool that will help users find the content they need.
So it's getting even safer to do content marketing on your site, and the trade off will have even more benefits for you as a business. Now you can build a content marketing strategy with faith that "the truth will out!" By creating content that your prospects want to read about before they start talking to you about pricing and package options, they will be able to find it. They will be able to search for people who answer their questions, and discover there are businesses out there who are interested in a relationship with them, and honestly answering these questions.
As  Kent Wakely wrote yesterday morning, " Google will always, always, always reward: creating great sites with great content that users love and that people want to come back to, link to, and share." Hallelujah  thank you Kent. Couldn't have said it better. Let's all do just that with our website content and blog articles. Tweet me if you feel me!!!
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