A Compelling Reason Why People Buy Your Company’s Product & Services

January 26, 2015 |   5 minute read

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A Compelling Reason Why People Buy Your Company’s Product & Services
Simon Sinek (in his famous "Golden Circle” Ted Talk) says people don't buy your company's "what" or "how" but the "why you do what you do" — it's this compelling reason that makes companies stand out against the competition.

Here's "Why We Do What We Do" At Tangible Words

Statistical analysis of website user habits has established that close to 90% of these shoppers are looking on websites — particularly yours and review blogs — to assess your company BEFORE entering into a sales conversation. That's a lot of steps prior to a purchasing decision. We help businesses implement effective digital sales and marketing techniques to maximize company growth.

How Do We Know Why People Buy?

Most of your prospects would rather read about you first and talk to a sales rep on the phone second.

You know how it is: when you're just learning about a company or service, you want to wrap your head around what's possible before you have the head space to come up with intelligent questions.

You don't want to risk waiting in queues (whether on the phone, in a store, or in a chat room) to talk to a sales person unless you are prepared to have that conversation.

Being prepared for that call is all about being able to get in and quickly ask your questions so that you don't waste your time (or theirs).

If people want to read about you more than talk to you (at least in the initial stages of the customer decision making cycle and customer life cycle), you need to give them enough information about yourself, your products and your services so that they can move through your web of content and access depth of information they need, at their own pace. This is the absolute value and need to satisfy what Aaron Ross calls the third key to sales: inbound marketing.  

Inbound marketing is all about improving the decision-making process, making it easier for your prospects — and your customers.

If you aren't using your website to provide the information your prospect seeks: you aren't doing your best to convert those leads and you're missing an opportunity to present compelling reasons for people to buy from you.

Remember How Search Engines Work

The more relevant, historic and up-to-date content on your site, the more search engines like Google will recommend your site to search users. All the more reason to use a blog on your site to build up a web of informative content for your potential customers. If you don't use a blog-like tool to build your web of content on your company website, you are DOUBLY missing out on the opportunity to educate your searching customers: they won't find you (SEO component) and when they do (copywriting component) you won't be making them feel like you've answered their basic questions or objections to adequately show you can address their needs as a customer (ouch!).

In Summary: Why We Do What We Do at Tangible Words

Customers want to read you more than they want to talk with you in the early stages of the buying cycle — and 90% of your prospective customers go through the initial stages of the buying cycle by skim reading your website. Is your website content SEO copywritten with your key messages logically laid out to welcome your users? 

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