Even Loblaws Can Benefit From Trained Professional Copywriters

November 17, 2015 |   5 minute read

Even Loblaws Can Benefit From Trained Professional Copywriters

Even Loblaws Blue Menu Marketing Can Benefit From Trained Professional Copywriters in 2015

Meet the most popular drink in my house, Loblaws Blue Menu Blueberry Pomegranate Soda Water. And, I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who loves this drink. Its short ingredients list: carbonated water and natural flavours makes me think it's popular with any fitness cross fit fanatic type you know, and the non-fit types too.
I tend to load up on it when I’m shopping. So much so that when a woman in the checkout aisle of a Bancroft, Ontario grocery store saw I had three cases in my cart she stopped me to ask if it was on sale.
“I think it might be a dollar off this week," I said. "Do you mind if I go back?" She asked. She came back with two cases. What more could product makers ask for than consumers leaving their spot in line to grab more of your product?
Blue Menu soda water ingredientsI like to call this the brilliance of what a marketing product development team can do and succeed at in 2015. And, when you look a little deeper into Loblaws blue menu soda water market positioning you can see how then win, and retain, loyal consumers. It starts with knowing their target audience.



Meet Two Types Of Persona Buyers Loblaws Blue Menu Marketing Is Getting It Right:

  1. The niche consumer desperate for a sugar free refreshing carbonated beverage. The taste achieved with just two ingredients does it for this health conscious crowd keen to avoid sugar laced pop.  And what’s better is they’re pretty likely to know someone else who is also health conscious and share the great product they’ve found.

This is how Blue Menu Soda Water won my customer loyalty. And, given how I was able to get friends to love it, I bet I am responsible for the sale of ~7 cases a month, one year later.  Add to this the fact I was introduced to the product when Loblaws sponsored an LGBTIQ Family BBQ as part of Ottawa PRIDE and you have an appropriately aimed, wonderful product meeting market demand.

     2. The secondary consumer is also looking for drink alternative, maybe not as health focussed, but drawn by   an alcohol free “fancy drink”. No more standing around with imbibers drinking plain water, you can enjoy a special drink too without the booze (this is especially important for those of us who want to avoid alcohol during pregnancy).

But there’s more, put the product on sale to make your regular buyers happy and boost the appeal for not-yet-loyal consumers and you have another winner. That's gold Jerry.

Trained Professional Copywriters Add Value To Already Well Positioned Products & Campaigns

In a company like Loblaws, market positioning budgets are high. Your content marketing budget limit for small and medium businesses whether in Ontario or Melbourne usually comes much sooner than the sky. When your budget limited you need to make sure you capture all of "what's good" about your product.
Even with Loblaws’ healthy budget, I can see improvements in this area even for my favourite Blue Menu Soda Water, there’s at least one. It’s what I call "hidden benefits” a.k.a the awesome things your business does that you don't really tell people about.
Pomegranate & blueberry are the natural flavours—and they’re also antioxidants. Healthy people (and healthy intentional people of which there are A LOT more) watch for antioxidants in their products; it influences their purchase. I consume as much as possible. Yet Loblaws doesn’t say anything about this on their marketing label, just listing “natural flavouring" as an ingredient, even though the label is the best way to hit the anti-oxidant market. Could this be the one problem (gasp) with this product? Its limited flavouring provides no anti-oxidant benefits to the drink, therefore can’t be marketed as such. Hmmm, I guess that's possible even for product geniuses like Loblaws.
However for small business, how can you be sure there aren't awesome things you’re doing that you aren't telling people about? You need someone trained to uncover hidden benefits and start putting them into your key communications tools.
Trained copywriters look at your product from an external perspective and see the things you do or offer that you might miss out of familiarity. They ask the hard questions to get to the truth about your product, opening your eyes to the overlooked, pushed under the carpet benefits, faster.
What does this mean for you small business owner? You’ll make the most of your features and benefits to get your own gold (Jerry!!).
Find out how trained copywriters can help you better market your product, limitless budget or not.
Who’s Jerry? Watch this classic Seinfeld episode.

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