Use Your Manufacturing Website To Attract International Customers

July 10, 2017 |   4 minute read


Use Your Manufacturing Website To Attract International Customers

To grow your manufacturing business you must try to attract international customers. So, how do you stay competitive globally? You need your manufacturing website to convert international visitors into customers.

In his article, “The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Your Conversion-Killing Homepage (i)", Neil Patel outlines seven mistakes that companies frequently make on their homepage that detract from their international appeal. Here, we've used Patels' article to give you some ideas to help you attract international customers by optimizing your manufacturing website.

Here's Seven Ways Your Manufacturing Website Can Attract International  Customers

manufacturing website1. Improve Your Homepage Loading Speed

Site speed is a factor in Google’s web page rankings. And, it affects how long your international manufacturing customers are forced to wait to see your content. Long wait times turn visits into bounces as your leads turn to your competitors. If they do wait, they get the message that you don’t value their time or business. Be sure to optimize images and minimize ads. Use a website speed tool to help analyze where your site needs improvement. Then make the changes.

2. Reduce Clutter On Your Page

To keep your company image professional and appealing, reduce clutter. Be sure that each homepage element is intentional and serves a purpose. Websites that display a full list of products on the homepage risk overwhelming the customer. To attract manufacturing customers you need to keep your homepage simple and straightforward. 

3. Use Clear, Intuitive Navigation Elements

Use an intuitive navigation menu across the top of your homepage or down the left side to reduce a long scroll. User-friendly navigation makes finding information easier. Start with your most important items, then keep your menu to six (or less) tabs. Organize items when creating/updating your homepage to make it more appealing for international manufacturing customers to use. Make all menu choices visible when the homepage loads. Avoid drop-down menus, which may obscure your content.

4. Avoid Default Auto-play For Audio/Video Content

A five second video will increase your website traffic. Audio and video content can be an effective way to communicate with international manufacturing customers, especially where there may be a language barrier. You can show what you mean, instead of struggling to explain. Always give users control of their experience by offering them the choice to play video or sliders (image carousels). Users expect and want control over their internet experience so let them decide how to view your content.

5. Spread Your Company News 

Sharing your company news is important. It builds trust and rapport with your clients. They can get to know you and see proof of your skills and successes. It is an important part of your inbound marketing strategy to attract international customers. But the goal of your homepage, according to Patel, is to “lead visitors straight into your funnel". To do this minimize the distractions, like company news, on your homepage. Move your news to its own page or use your company blog to share the information.

6. Make Your Manufacturing Blog a Priority

Your blog is an essential tool to establish trust with your international manufacturing customers. Blogs allow customers to get to know you in a less formal way without the pressure of a sales conversation. The customer initiates the contact by choosing to read the blog. You provide useful information and the customer becomes familiar with your company and your product/service. Use your blog to nurture your relationships and keep customers coming back to your homepage for content. Use that blog content to lead to your funnel.

7. Offer One Call to Action

Use only one clear call to action (CTA) on your homepage. Make sure your CTA immediately catches the eye of your international manufacturing customers. If you offer more than one CTA, you risk confusing the customer, paralyzing them with indecision. Decide what your main goal is. Do you want them to subscribe to your email list? View pricing? Buy now? Pick one and use the other elements of your manufacturing homepage to direct your international manufacturing customers to that one clear CTA.

User experience is the most important consideration for your manufacturing website. Remember to first consider the needs of your target customers. Find out how they will use your site and what information you need to communicate to them. Then, follow the tips above to share all the information they need in a way that attracts international customers to your homepage.

Need help to identify what should be on your website and how to organize it? 

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