Improve Your Manufacturing Website to Get More US Customers

April 28, 2017 |   3 minute read


Improve Your Manufacturing Website to Get More US Customers

Increasing web traffic and doubling your revenue with a better manufacturing website design is possible.

You want more US customers for your manufacturing business. But how do you find them? More importantly, how do they find you? Your website is your first and main point of contact, and investing in a great website will boost your Canadian business. 

Well-designed manufacturing websites can boost your credibility outside Canada. We know there are incredible Canadian manufacturing companies like yours that can thrive with a little help. When you showcase your company's unique features and how your services can help others increase revenue, you'll earn a reputation as a go-to business in your industry regardless of where your clients are located.

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Here are some changes you can make to your manufacturing website design to get you more customers in the United States.

5 Ways To Improve Your Manufacturing Website So US Customers Find You

  1. Make frequently requested information easy to find. Supply useful content in a format that is user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. Add photos and videos to increase website traffic.
  2. Make each page on your manufacturing website unique – avoid duplicate content.
  3. Create a brand that is easily recognizable.
  4. Tell your brand story through your content so that your US manufacturing customers can see where they fit into that story.
  5. Address all stages of the buyer’s journey. Be sure you have content to target buyers at each stage and place calls to action throughout your website to move buyers along in their journey.

Let Tangible Words help you make your website easy to find. We can show you how to attract international and US customers.

Need Help to Get Qualified Leads and Sell to More Customers?

Maybe you need to assess your website's sales health. We can help you with that. We'll determine what to improve on your website so you have more marketing success. We can even show you software to track your results so that you can better target your messages to your prospects and customers.

Discover multiple ways to grow your company's revenue in Canada, the US and globally. 

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