Content Creation Builds Relationships For Ontario Tourist Marketing

November 29, 2017 |   5 minute read


Content Creation Builds Relationships For Ontario Tourist Marketing

Tourism operators: you need to tailor your content for Ontario tourist marketing. When your tourism website content and social media posts are interesting and useful to prospective tourists, they take the time to read and consider your Ontario tourist destination.

Let your passion for your Ontario tourist region show. People love stories. Tell the story of your region and let your prospects picture themselves as characters in that story… at your destination!

5 Simple Ways To Use Content Creation For Your Ontario Tourist Marketing

1. Know Your Audience: Target Market Needs & Desires

Do some research to figure out who your target market is. Divide your broader target market into specific buyer personas. Then do more research to drill down into what their needs and desires are.

Think like a tourist.

Firstly, find out what problems they have and what their goals in life are. Use social media for tourism and read the comments your prospective tourists post. Listen to feedback from your existing tourists.
Then, determine how your Ontario Tourist Region meets those needs and desires. Then, start attracting tourists by communicating that unique selling proposition with your content.

2. Set Goals: Your Content Marketing Strategy

When planning content creation for your Ontario tourist marketing set SMART goals for your content marketing strategy.  SMART goals include what to post, where, and how often. Your content includes your tourism website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and any other platform you use to attract tourists. Also, make sure to clarify who is responsible for each task in your content marketing strategy. When you assign content tasks you ensure they're completed on time and not overlooked.

3. What to Write About: Benefits & Features

content creation for Ontario tourist marketing When creating content for your Ontario tourist marketing, write the way you speak, like you’re having a conversation with your prospective tourists. Keep your language clear and simple. Use words your target market would use and keep your content relevant to your buyer personas, as well as to your site and brand.

Start with a strong headline. Include an odd numbered list and use power words, such as essential, surprising, incredible, smart, or effortless. Think “15 Effortless Tips for the Smart Tourist.” Use these strategies for email subject lines that attract tourists as well.

Make content interactive and engaging. Encourage people to comment, view a slideshow or vote in a survey.

Enhance your content with engaging photos and videos to hold their interest. Create an element of surprise with an unexpected story. “The Day a Bear Interrupted Our Staff Meeting.” Use statistics and testimonials to add credibility to your content. Create an emotional reaction to help your prospects feel connected to your Ontario tourist region.

4. Getting Your Content Found: Keywords/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting the right keywords in the right place. So, use SEO for your Ontario tourist marketing. The right words help your target market to find the information they need end encourage them to book. Check out these helpful tips:

5. Convincing Prospects to Act Now: Call to Action

Include one clear call to action (CTA) on your website, blog article or social media post. If your CTA is simple and quick, people are more likely to click. Give specific instructions and include an incentive. You could have them enter their email address to receive a free content offer. Or, encourage them to book early to receive coupons for a local restaurant.

Content creation is a big job, but investing in content creation is worth it. However, sometimes it makes sense to outsource content creation so you can focus on your day to day tasks.

Content Creation Services Help Your Ontario Tourist Marketing

  • Clarify your message to accurately target your specific buyer personas,
  • Save time and get consistent bookings for your Ontario tourist region,
  • Update content as products or services are changed or created,
  • Share their marketing expertise with you,
  • Continue to improve your content as feedback and analytics are incorporated.

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