Outsource Content Creation So Tourists Open Your Emails

March 14, 2018 |   5 minute read


Outsource Content Creation So Tourists Open Your Emails

Email is a convenient, easy way to get in touch with prospective tourists all around the world. But if your email marketing efforts are sub-par, it won’t matter that your message can reach their inbox with the hit of a button. You have to reach the human in front of the screen. Why not outsource content creation to experts who can make that happen?

In our previous article we looked at the second stage of the buyer’s journey through inbound marketing: Convert. Today we dive into the third stage, the Close. This is the stage where you prepare your potential tourists (hard earned leads) to book their trip.

3 Factors To Focus On With Your Tourism Email Content Creation

1. Subject Line: This is the first bit of content your subscribers will see when they open their inbox, so it needs to make a big impact – because if they don’t read the email, they don’t see the offer, and you can’t track engagement or move them further along the buyer’s journey. Your subject line needs to consist of carefully chosen words that are:

  • powerful (e.g. free or secret might work but they could also seem spammy. Don’t lose the power!)
  • focused on the buyer;
  • Simple: your headline needs to pass The Blink Test (you can quickly ascertain the content within the blink of your eye).

Here are effective phrases you can use to get more emails opened, more often.
attracting tourists to your Ontario tourist region
2. Copywritten Material: One way to nurture leads and get closer to winning business for your Ontario tourist region is to trust copywriting professionals with your email content – both subject line and body. When you outsource content creation your copywriters know what content converts prospective leads to leads, and leads to sales, because they are trained in SEO optimization and know a thing or two about marketing analytics. Maintaining consumer interest at this stage in the buyer’s journey sounds like a worthy investment, doesn’t it? After all, you want to transform leads, not lose them!

When you outsource content creation, not only are you getting a content strategy that covers features vs. benefits, target market research and buyer personas… you’re freeing up time for yourself to concentrate on other vital aspects of your business.  

3. Full Funnel Marketing Software: Do it. (Along with these three things.) You may think your own email system is enough, but don’t underestimate the value of full funnel analytics. It’s fine to know email by email which of your company emails has had the highest open rates and links that were clicked. But you really need to understand the whole buyer’s journey per buyer.  The intel Hubspot software provides gives you the power to refine your email marketing strategy based on a user’s actual interests. This data will help you nurture leads more efficiently and effectively because you can focus on the email content that brings in more quality leads - not just any lead. That’s the only way to make the Close by email and bring in more visitors to your Ontario tourist region.

Your options for CRM software are many. Find out which CRM software (free or paid) works best for you.

So what can professional copywriters help you with when you outsource content creation? What should you expect when hiring a content writer for your emails? Here are three points of interest your copywriter will discuss with you to make your emails shine.  

3 Things Skilled Content Creators Know Best When Attracting Tourists – or Any Consumer – With Inbound Marketing

  • Don’t Force the Sale: Inbound marketing works because it gives the consumer – in this case, the tourist – control. Show them what your region has to offer, draw your ideal tourist in and help them decide on the sale. If you’ve done your homework and know you’re marketing to the right people, you’ll get results.
  • Consider the Whole Buyer’s Journey: Copywriting Professionals know that attracting tourists means considering the buyer’s journey from start to finish; how each stage impacts the other, and what content needs to be written for each stage. This is a copywriter’s stomping ground – so you can be sure no stage is skipped, and that the content they create will lead to success for your business and your visitors.
  • How to Prepare for an Email Marketing Campaign: Why do you need to send a test email before launching a full email campaign? What are the characteristics of an effective Call To Action (CTA)? Why are email lists so good at creating leads? Professional Content Writers can answer these questions for you before you start your email campaign, so that you’re prepared to succeed.

Use These Pointers To Plan Your Email Campaign
& Get Consistent Tourist Bookings For Your Ontario Tourist Region

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Whether or not you outsource content creation, you'll learn:

  • How to get a higher email open rate
  • What your email subject line shouldn’t do without
  • Who to market to via email for the best results