Plan Your Content To Meet Website Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

December 15, 2015 |   3 minute read


Plan Your Content To Meet Website Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

Let’s Help You Be Website Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Compliant

Don’t be scared of making your website accessible. Website Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) makes sure everyone can access your online content, simply. It’s not a difficult task, and even easier when it’s part of your content planning.
And, meeting WCAG 2.0 won’t tax your budget, especially if you’ve already set aside funds to work with a web developer who’ll make sure the design elements meet the functionality requirements.
If you’re developing your website on your own be conscious of choosing simple layouts and describing your content in a way that’s navigable by text reading software.
Following some fundamental copywriting rules, like eliminating sector specific jargon and vague descriptions from your content, makes it easier to ensure your website complies with WCAG 2.0.

Two Ways Copywriting Ensures Your Website Is Accessible

There’s two areas you can control in your content planning process that ensure you’re meeting online content accessibility guidelines.

  1. Your Content: Here’s where simple language has two-fold advantages. Your language is clear and understandable so all consumers know exactly what you’re offering. And, simple language won’t lose its meaning when read with assistive devices.

Remember to:

       2. Website Appearance: Your Best Practices Guide tells you how content should be displayed for maximum user engagement. For WSAG 2.0 this means actions like making sure images and linked documents include descriptive captions and alternate text so reading software can capture their intention and purpose.

When adding content always:

  • Drop your images “in line’ instead of adjacent or flush so text is associated with the image;
  • Use at least 14 point font with a good contrast colour to your background;
  • Make sure your links are highly visible.

Offering videos? Make sure there’s closed captioning and a transcript available.

Find out how your website measures up and where you can make changes to better comply with WCAG 2.0. Book a website consultation and audit or talk to Alysha about your online content needs.

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