Using Share Software - Woo Potential Economic Development Investors

February 23, 2017 |   4 minute read

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Using Share Software - Woo Potential Economic Development Investors

When you’re trying to entice investors to your economic development region you know you need to make it as easy as possible. While wining and dining makes a good impression and forms a personal connection, making it easy to do business long distance is a perk too. That’s why you need to start using share software.

Using share software is so practical that even your staunchest face to face advocate will find it a useful tool to include in your economic development strategy. Especially when personal meetings are just not an option.

There’s readily accessible share software you can start using right now to boost investment in your economic development region. They’ll all save you time and money by cutting down on expenses like travel and opening up more convenient meeting times for everyone, wherever you’re located.  
Even better, the less gadgetry you’re dealing with the less aggravation you have managing meetings online. Using share software means fewer things can go wrong at critical moments (and expert support  if they do). What’s in it for you? You can focus on your energy on selling your economic development region--not troubleshooting the technology.  

Using Share Software - Google Hangouts, AnyMeeting or Teamviewer To Connect With Your Investors

Here’s a quick breakdown of three popular share software options: Google Hangouts, AnyMeeting and TeamViewer. The one that’s best for you depends on the level of interaction you need, and cost too.

  1. Google HangoutsGoogle Hangouts for free, quick connections. You can make phone calls and host video conferences using Google Hangouts and it’s free. If all you need is a quick screen share you just send a link. Use your gmail account or access Google Hangouts from Chrome. You can add contacts as needed just make sure you’re all using Chrome. Google makes it easy to get started with Google Hangouts.
  2. using share softwareAnyMeeting for professional looking webinars and meetings. AnyMeeting is a reliable software that lets you host webinars and online meetings and offers a screen sharing option. The website is user friendly so you can set up a connection quickly (basically with one email). Free trials are available for online meeting and webinar services.If you want to commit the online meeting price is reasonable (if you like the product). The webinar package does cost more but if webinars are your bread and butter there’s options for all  budgets.
  3. TeamViewer allows remote screen control. TeamViewer is software that lets you download what you’ll need to connect quickly with no installation.  What’s unique about TeamViewer is that it  that actually lets you take over someone else’s screen. This is a useful option for training-based connections.  While it’s free for personal use, there’s multiple paid packages to suit your organization’s size and usage.

Regardless of which share software you choose making a good impression with your potential economic development investors still requires selling the benefits of your region using your sales skills and polished marketing content. And, showing how you’ve embraced technology for your own business is builds confidence for new investors in your region all on it’s own.   

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