Use Content Creation Services to Build Smart Content for Investors

April 16, 2018 |   5 minute read


Use Content Creation Services to Build Smart Content for Investors

It would be nice if all an economic developer had to do to carry out a good marketing campaign was make pitches at tradeshows and crack jokes with prospective investors. You already do these things, and you do them well. But a well-rounded marketing campaign also involves delivering Smart Content: content that speaks directly to its audience! So think about content creation services to help your region profit. 

A targeted marketing campaign is what you get when you hire content creation services. Smart Content brings customers back for more because it prioritizes their specific needs. It sounds simple in theory, but needs planning to be properly executed and to keep the sales coming.

Use Content Creation Services & Get Smart Website Content to Attract Investors

By now you’ve closed deals with investors, and your new goal is to keep their attention so you can gain new leads. Here are 2 ways Smart Content improves your chances of Delight-ing your audience.

1. It Keeps Investors Interested – So You Get Shared Across Networks

website content to attract investors to your regionUsing Smart Content ensures your content is targeted to buyers at the right stage, because you can pre-plan the content each investor will see when they visit your website. The more you get through to investors, the more rapport you build, which makes it more likely investors will share your company’s content with others through their social media channels. SEO Copywriters on our team plan content for each stage of a Site Selector or Investor’s Buyer’s Journey so that you can attract them no matter what point they are at. And remember the first stage Awareness happens even before they are considering an expansion or new location. That customization and virtual focus on their personal interests - before they are even in conversation with your economic development team - is exactly what site selectors and investors are looking for.

2. It Personalizes Content for Each Buyer

The first three stages of the Buyer’s Journey are all about getting to know your ideal buyer better. So you want the ability to show you that you’ve been listening to their interests, and give them more content based on what they have already consumed. Having software like Hubspot Marketing Pro lets your website dynamically offer content based on the user’s previous visits and activity on your website. Because Hubspot gives you the opportunity to customize the content on your economic development website, it should be a critical part of your website software stack - and something you plan to incorporate well before you send out that next municipal website RFP.  Including a professional copywriter to help juggle all the interests involved (yours, the customer and Google’s) is another obvious way to personalize content for each buyer.

Smart Content distinguishes visitors – it doesn’t send the same message to every person who clicks the link to your site, because it knows buyers have different needs. Personalized content builds relationships because it shows your audience you care enough to understand their needs, and provide for them.

With Smart Content you can target buyers according to where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Use Surveys to Create Smart Content

Surveys give you the chance to ask the questions you need answered in order to provide the right value to your target buyers. The data you gather from your surveys (e.g. company size, service requirements…) will help you come up with website content to attract investors.  Survey Monkey has a software integration with Hubspot in their paid version. Google Forms is free and gives you a great spreadsheet of results, and complete control over your data. Our content strategy team is set up to interview and hypothesize about your target audience based on your economic development strategic plan too, so we know how to write for those site selectors and investors you hope to attract.

Get an Investor-Ready Economic Development Website Using Content Creation Services

Smart Content converts visitors to leads and leads to sales, because it answers “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) in a way that buyers respond to. Nobody has a better handle on the concept of WIIFM, and how it can best be applied to marketing, than those who provide content creation services; they have expertise, and choose one experienced in working with economic developers. So consider turning to the people who are experts when it comes to Smart Content, and together you can devise an inbound marketing strategy that Delights.

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