Quick Test: Do you need a copywriter?

September 27, 2010 |   3 minute read

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Quick Test: Do you need a copywriter?

Do you realise 78% of people look at your website before they decide to buy from you?

As a business owner, you know web design and graphics are essential to your professional image. But how much time and money have you spent on professional content?

Copywriters help customers see your best self Do you see yourself as others do?

Here's a way to see if your website content is professional, or do you need a copywriter. Have a look at your website analytics. If your website bounce rate is high and your page visits are low, SEO copywriting will improve your website visitors interest in your site. So if you want your customers to take action after seeing your site, you'll be better off hiring a copywriter than to waste time waiting for your content to get the same results.
Plus, professional SEO copywriting also helps your organic ranking in search engines, which you probably already know. But when you've worked so hard to get to the top of Search Engine ranking, you don't want to waste the 3 seconds visitors will spend on your site. SEO Copywriting turns your 3 seconds visitors spend on your site into bigger sales and better branding.


Which Of These 3 problems Is Plaguing Your Business? Do You Need a Copywriter?

  1. You have great ideas, but minimal time to sit down and write them down. Copywriters do the idea collation for you.
  2. You're worried about the cost of copywriting to your already stretched "Expenses" list. But if you spent money on a graphic artist, and money on a web designer, you're losing money on these assets without professional sales copy.
  3. Visitors come to your website, but they aren't becoming customers, or even making inquiries. Copywriters know how to get customers to listen to you long enough to become your customer.

So if you fall into one of the three groups, you probably have a few more questions. So what's stopping you from giving a copywriter a free call to get your questions answered? 0434 837 721.