How to Use Search Engine Optimization To Boost Your Search Ranking

May 07, 2015 |   3 minute read

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How to Use Search Engine Optimization To Boost Your Search Ranking

Learning to write your online content using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a challenge. Using keywords to create organic interest in your online content, not bought ads, takes some practice but it does pay off.

How to Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Website

When you’re writing online content you need to choose your words carefully. SEO written content maximizes your effort by pushing your organization to the top of the search rankings based on the relevancy of your words with user searches. When you combine what you want to say with good SEO language you’ll create the best online reputation for your company.  Aim to post readable content sprinkled with SEO words that link to more content created by you and posted on your website.
And, it’s not just about how many times you can include the keywords or phrases into your content (also known as don’t be evil), it’s about the quality of the content. This is probably not too far off your good business practices in general: 1) Get the attention of potential clients 2) Give them consistent quality product or service 3) Build a good reputation to get more business.
In 2015, rankings aren’t just based on text content anymore, your social media shares and posts can influence ranking, as can images and video.
Plus searchers are using more conversational language and phrases. This means people aren’t searching for “cats for adoption”, they’re looking for “female orange tabby cats for adoption in Ottawa”.  Know your target audience and how you can meet their search needs using the right SEO language.
It can take a while to see the benefits of good SEO writing, but once you’ve proven your online authenticity you can keep building on that reputation to generate more interest and sales for the long term.

Keys to Writing Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content

Get a website copywriter to help you create better SEO content on your homepage, right now.  Even better, create a plan for all your online content to maintain a consistently good reputation online.

Here’s 3 Reasons Content Planning Helps Make Your Business Top The Search Ranks

  1. Identifies keywords for your company based on your product, audience and location
  2. Ensures these key words are included in every online post and linked to other relevant content
  3. Schedules consistent release of unique content to strengthen your Google ranking

Are you doing this now? Find out if your website meets the SEO standards with a website audit and consultation.

Know How Your Customers Use Your Blog To Make Buying Decisions

Your business blog can lead customers to your store the same day they search for your service. "Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores in one day (Google 2014)." Investing time and effort in your business blog keeps your company top of mind with your customers and search engines.
Get the information you need to use your business blog, right now. You'll find out how you can:

  • Increase online traffic (to reach more consumers),
  • Generate qualified leads (to save your sales team time)
  • Make more sales online (to make more profit).

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