Redo Your Business Website & Save Money:Talk To A Content Expert First

November 26, 2013 |   4 minute read

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Redo Your Business Website & Save Money:Talk To A Content Expert First

When you're in the market to revamp your business website, most companies go back to the website company they used before, or find a new website designer or developer and call it a day. But there's a lot more to making a great website than just finding amazing web designers and developers that you want to work with.  

How to save BIG money when redoing your business website.

Too often we meet companies who have spent thousands on their website but they still aren't happy with their website. Going to a website developer or website designer first is simply not a good idea - and it's not the web developers fault. Even though the design can look great, and the functionality can be good, there are big jobs that need to be done before you get to this stage, and if you skip them, the design and development won't last you the 2-3 years (or longer) you expect your website to last.
When it comes to your company website, it's all about your prospects and clients being able to easily find the information they need to make them trust and want to work with the company. That means, you need to map out the information you want them to see and write the user-friendly (and Search Engine friendly - SEO) content BEFORE you start tackling design and development of your website.

A lot of people we speak to feel overwhelmed by their website project - and you probably hear these complaints in your various social and work circles too.

And it can be really frustrating when that  "redo our website" task sits on your "to do" list for way longer than you intended - you just feel like you never make any headway and can't get out from under it; and in the meantime, your online "shopfront" just isn't really saying how amazing you are and sadly, prospects pass you over. If you're not a person who thinks about how to organise ideas and words on a  website all day long, it's hard to imagine how it will look on a page - let alone try to get the words right on your own.

Avoid One-Stop Shop Companies

There's a lot of  'one-stop' shop companies who claim they can do everything from redesign, to copywriting, but it's impossible to do each of those things really well - and you won't get to ensure that everyone on your team is working in accordance to your ideals. You might think the ideas of "specialists" means that it will be more expensive - but in the creative economy of experts who work with low overheads, it's not. Even better, when you choose your specialists for each stage, it's actually less expensive and you have the benefit of hand-picking the people you want to work with, so you can feel confident in your choices - that means you are two steps closer to getting that website project off your desk.
But it shouldn't all be on your shoulders here either. You're great at what you do - which is presumably not working on websites all day. So it's understandable that you would need help developing the content strategy for your company website. That's why Tangible Words is adamant in recommending that you talk to a content strategist and SEO copywriting company with a Quality Assured Process  BEFORE you talk to anyone else about your website. You're going to save money by working with a company who takes the time to understand what you do from the first point of contact, and who breaks down the process in digestible stages so you can build the site RIGHT from the ground up.
You need to have a plan for your website content before redesigning your business website, and it helps to have someone who can give you an external perspective on your company and who is an expert on the website building industry, by your side, the whole way. That way, if you ever need help speaking "tech" with the developers or designers down the road, you also have a liaison on your side, who knows your company and your industry to listen to you and communicate with the techie team behind you. Hiring a Professional Website Copywriter first means you will have  someone who "speaks web" to help you commission the right company, and to work with the web developer team on your behalf ongoing to get the functionality you really need for your new business website.
Stay tuned for '5 Reasons You Need A Content Strategy Before You Need a Website Developer'. We will also discuss how website copywriters should PLAN not just WRITE your content.

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