Review of a Good E-Newsletter Copywriting: Baby Center

April 09, 2013 |   3 minute read

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Review of a Good E-Newsletter Copywriting: Baby Center

Content Marketing is essential to your business. Your business website must speak to your clients (WII.FM), be interactive (interlinks), and help them skim through easily (headlines), as this is what they will do when reading online. This is all done with copywriting.
Is your website content grabbing all the business you can?
What Online content must appear on your company website?
We have discussed Good Websites and what to look for (Quicken Example; Mailchimp Example) but what about E-newsletters? Just like website content, e-newsletters should have a Interlinks, Headlines, and other Copywriting techniques.

Review: Baby Center E-newsletter


A Good Example of Headlines and Interlinks A Good Example of Headlines and Interlinks

1) Headlines – online, everyone skims the headlines. This means that it is essential the headlines speak to your readers but also inform them about your business.
Baby Center does a great job with their headlines and sub-headlines. They catch the readers eye and speak directly to the type of people who would be interested in their products.

2)  WIIFM? – you have likely heard of the saying “What’s in it for me?”. Readers online go to your website wondering what they are going to get out of using your company.

Baby Center - it is written with the parents concerns in mind and what is happening to YOUR baby.
3)  Interlinking: How do you want your readers to go through your site? Help guide them by using interlinks within the copy. Make it as easy as possible for them so they stay on your site longer (this also helps your Search Engine ranking as you will be seen as an expert if people stay on your site).
Baby Center: they do a great job. They link to definitions, relevant topics, but also tips, and  ideas for future months with your baby.

Baby milestones help Baby Center send relevant information and particular times when they know their readers would need help. Finding a niche like this for your business will make your readers interested and take action.