SEO Is Now Different: Keywords Need to Be Backed By Content

November 04, 2015 |   5 minute read


SEO Is Now Different: Keywords Need to Be Backed By Content

If you’ve been reading the Tangible Words blogs you’ll know we’ve been easing you into the SEO evolution for a while. (If you haven’t been reading them you can catch up with TW Business Blogs now).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be incorporating keywords about your business into your online content as much as possible, now it’s much more. It’s all about the language you use and the quality of content you post. Search engines, like Google, have evolved to understand what users are looking for in their search phrases based on their intended meaning and not necessarily the exact combination of words.  

Timely, True Content Does The SEO Work For You: Don’t Keyword Stuff

Keyword stuffing, for legitimate business, is firmly entrenched on the don’t side of your website content do’s and dont's.
Now, to increase your ranking you need to create content, like blogs, that search engines can tie together to prove your business is genuine in its online marketing. Makes sense. You have a business that offers a defined product or service and you can provide content that proves it.

Why Hiring A Copywriter To Do Content Development Is So Essential

While headlines and meta data still count, it’s the combination of phrases and related content linked throughout the site that are going to get you noticed by search engines, then your consumers. As copywriters, our first priority is content that truly represents who you are and what you offer, and increases your chances of converting an online connection into a sale.

3 Ways Copywriters Keep Your Website On The Positive Side Of Changing SEO Ranking  

  1. Plan and write content to naturally build your business up to be an authority. Get your message out on every page of your website, in your blog posts, and on your social media sites. The more content you have that talks about your business, your services, even your events lets search engines find you in a variety of ways, linked by true content, so they’ll rank you higher.  
  2. Define your web layout, and create content, that is user friendly. If your users are happy, Google is happy. You want to give users the most information using simple language and offer convenient actions for them to get what they want. Copywriters, like Tangible Words, provide you with an information architecture. It’s your website laid out to be easily navigable and best reflect how users read and following instruction online; your roadmap to creating the right content you’ll need to fill the right places.
  3. Keep your users on your site, reading your content. You might think that the more links you have to information the better your site will fare. Not so if you are linking to content that is buried in multiple layers of subpages. Short interlinks are user and algorithm friendly. So create content that links to more content that changes regularly to keep you on the radar and further convince search engines that you exist.

Tip: Don’t lose users to external websites. Yes, you may want to acknowledge your association with other organizations but do so in a blog format, chock full of your own interlinks, not by linking users directly to another website. You’ll keep users on your site and not rely on the hope they’ll come back to you once they’ve been led elsewhere.

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