Should You Put Prices On Your Website?

June 04, 2015 |   3 minute read

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Should You Put Prices On Your Website?

Everybody wants to know how much something will cost them whether they can afford it or not. Good content marketing says you need to answer your customers’ questions. So regardless of your product or service—and how cheap or expensive potential buyers might think it is—put some prices on your website.
I read a blog by Marcus Sheridan, former pool salesman now marketing thought leader, the Sales Lion. And what he said made sense. To paraphrase, he suggests that...potential customers are going to ask how much it costs within the first few minutes of contact. So why not address the question of price on your website, even if you can’t answer it with a fixed value?   Sounds reasonable right?

3 Reasons To Put Your Prices On Your Website

  1. It will increase your SEO ranking. With the evolution of search engine optimization you need to include phrases you know your potential customers are searching for. Take advantage of the many online searches that start with “how much does (blank) cost?” When you fill in the blanks on price customers will find your business faster.
  2. You’ll spend less time trying to sell to people who will never buy. People searching for your service might have some idea what it costs or they might have no idea at all. Give potential customers the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to contact you (they already know what they can afford or are willing to pay). Then you don’t waste their time (and yours) on fruitless pitches when they’ve really only made contact to get a price and nothing more.

    Hubspot stats say conversion rates increase by 27% when prices are included on your website.

    3. You’ll gain respect from consumers. Show you’re confident in the quality of your services, have proof of its value, and aren’t embarrassed by asking for what it’s worth. If you feel you’re asking too much: are you undervaluing your service to beat competitors or do you know it’s not worth it?

To ease into putting prices on your website you can start here:

  • See what others in your industry are doing. It’s always a good idea to know what the competition is up to anyway. So if they put prices on their website, you should too. And if they don’t, you still should just so you stand out in your industry online.
  • Know your target audience. If you’re marketing to people you think can’t afford your services, you need to re-evaluate just who exactly you’re selling to.
  • Use a range, even a wide one. No service cost is completely cut and dried; there’s add-ons and discounts that can increase or reduce the actual cost.  Consumers know this and will be happy to at least have an idea of the cost before they decide to contact you.

Is, to price or not to price still your question?  Get a website content audit and consultation to help you better understand how your website content, including your online pricing practices, is helping or hindering you sales. Plus, read how you nurture a relationship with your customers after you connect with them online.

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