5 Social Media Marketing Articles For Your Business

November 25, 2015 |   2 minute read

5 Social Media Marketing Articles For Your Business

As professional content marketers, we at Tangible Words try to alleviate some of the stress associated with marketing your business online. Let’s have a look back at some of our most popular social media marketing (SMM) blogs.

5 Social Media Marketing Articles For Your Business or Organization

  1. Scared of a social media fail?  In our Content Marketing: How To Remove Your Fears & Use Social Media For Business, Tangible Words sheds some light on the pitfalls and advantages of social media use for your business.
  2. Social media for rural business. If you’re a small business operating outside of urban center's, use social media to stay local and still access big markets, read Country Goes Viral: Marketing Your Rural Business.
  3. Don’t leave your Social Media Marketing to chance. Avoid getting left in the lurch when your staff changes, a crisis hits, or you’re being pressured to share time sensitive information you have yet to write. Plan for it with Social Media Marketing: A Long Term Commitment For Long Term Returns.
  4. Is your social media effort good enough? You’re really trying to get it right, instead, work smarter not harder.
  5. How Using Social Media Marketing Can Improve Sales.

We’ve learned publishing online content is the #1 fear.  The Tangible Words solution: create your content goals before you sign on to social media. Think through your needs, identify your audience, and lay down some ground rules in your content policy so everyone is on the same page.
Find out how you can succeed with popular social media platforms like Twitter, plus understand social media engagement for business – from Facebook to LinkedIn.

What’s Your Return On Energy For Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

Find out how Tangible Words can help you create the SMM tools you need and help you plan your content so you’re getting it right from the start.

Don’t forget using social media marketing can improve sales.

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