Support Your Marketing Team On A Small Budget

August 09, 2017 |   2 minute read

Content Creation

Every business owner understands the balancing act between time and money. Either you don’t have enough of one, the other, or both, to get projects done or to support your marketing team. Also, your website needs new content all the time to stay relevant online. That’s where our content creation services comes in. You can support your marketing team on a small budget by investing in a content partnership.   

Get 4 for the Price of 1: A Content Partnership Is More Value For Less Money

connect to support your marketing team on a small budget

In a content partnership, you’ll be teamed up with a Content Marketing Project Manager and a team of writers who will help your team meet your marketing goals on the deadlines you set. A content partnership helps you:

  • Create new content
  • Attract more leads for your sales team through successful inbound marketing
  • Gain industry expertise
  • Manage consuming — but necessary — social media accounts
  • Get known as an expert in your field online 

You also save your business money because you aren’t hiring another full-time staff member that you have to pay CPP or EI. But most importantly, when you hire content writers you give back time to your marketing team.

Find Out If Your Website Needs A Content Partnership Or Expert Help

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Your marketing team works hard for your business. Give them the support they need to create successful content.

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