Should You Buy Pre-Written Content?

May 30, 2011 |   1 minute read

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Should You Buy Pre-Written Content?

My friend Nick said someone tried to sell him pre-written content for his website. It was written just for industries like his. His web developer thought it was a good idea: at least with buying  pre-written content he wouldn't have to write the content for his website in-house. Plus, in not having to wait for the website content to be written by Himself, the website could go live immediately.

But as I told Nick, you can actually spend your money a lot more wisely, have your website to go live immediately, and avoid writing the content yourself.

Why not have tailor pre-written website content that tells visitors specifically about your company?

For the same price, a website copywriter makes sure that when people come onto your website, you won't sound "just like everyone else". This is a major danger of buying pre-written content that is generic to your industry.
Instead, a website copywriter educates visitors on why you're the preferred choice over the other websites that come up in search engines like Google.
And because a website copywriter knows how to make your content more interesting for readers, you'll develop trust immediately with website visitors. It means potential customers will see why you're different and come to trust you first. Sounds like good business to me.