Content Creation Services: 5 Reasons Client Feedback Is Essential

October 02, 2017 |   3 minute read

Content Creation Services: 5 Reasons Client Feedback Is Essential

Working with Tangible Words is a collaborative experience. We believe in content first, then design. To deliver our content creation services, we work with you to get the content right first, then build a strategy to best showcase your content over various platforms.

As part of the content creation process, a Tangible Words copywriter will guide you through the various stages of editing, with a focus on how to improve your content. The editing becomes a dialogue and often helps to resolve unanswered questions or clarify areas of confusion.

Here Are 5 Benefits Of The Tangible Words Editing Process

1. Eliminate Misunderstanding

Accurate communication is always important, but especially when the reputation of your business is at stake. Editing is necessary for good communication. Never underestimate the value of a second pair of eyes. Tangible Words will use our external perspective to provide objectivity and help you clarify your ideas. We will provide online writing help to adjust your writing for different audiences, decide how much industry jargon to use, and keep the article focussed on your topic. And of course, we will edit for style and flow, and proofread for spelling and grammar.

2. Save Time & Make Money

You may think you don’t have time to edit, but spending time and money on content creation services actually costs you less time and energy and results in more sales (seriously, like 340% more). Good online writing helps transform your writing from mediocre to persuasive and helps you to look more professional.

Tangible Words will review with you the top 3 reasons to immediately invest in content creation. It may seem like a long process to get started, but be patient. Once your content plan is implemented, you will start to see the rewards. Then you can keep it going with minor adjustments.

3. Change as Circumstances Change

Aside from the regular task of keeping your content fresh and relevant, you may need to make larger changes as circumstances change, such as the addition of a new product or service, expansion of the company, or even taking the business in a new direction. Tangible Words will help you update your content as needed. Whether your ideas, goals or audience have changed, or you just need to tweak a few words, we are there as a sounding board.

4. Collaborate with Industry Experts

online writing helpFeedback is an important part of the writing and editing process – on both sides. Tangible Words asks questions, based on our content and marketing experience. You share knowledge of your business and industry. The writing project is a blend of both.

As part of our content creation services, Tangible Words will walk you through our Where, Now, How Process to determine where you want your business to be, where you are now, and how to get from here to there. There will be several rounds of edits to ensure all parties are happy with the results. Although Tangible Words will lead the writing process, you definitely need to be a part of it. We encourage you to train your in-house team to feel more comfortable with edits and we look forward to the clarification they bring.

5. Continue to Improve

Writing, editing, and marketing are ongoing processes. Tangible Words will continue to work with you on an ongoing basis, test the results using your Hubspot portal, and help continue to improve your content to ensure that you are getting a maximum return on your investment. Few marketing campaigns ever run only once. So maybe you try it again with a new version. Maybe you run the email once and then A/B test send it a different way. You should be refining and re-sending your messages instead of sending new messages all the time. We are here to help with that process. Edits are part of our customer service. We want you to be happy. Ultimately, working with the TW content creation services team will make your marketing team’s life easier. Together, we can create the most effective content for your business.

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