Content Is Still King. Why Investing In Content Creation is Worth It

June 02, 2017 |   4 minute read

Content Is Still King. Why Investing In Content Creation is Worth It

Traditionally, businesses didn’t invest in content creation because customers would look for your business in the Yellow Pages, newspapers and (the bigger brands) on TV. Nowadays customers simply look to the Internet (often with their smartphones). Our unprecedented level of access to information has made content a commodity proving that even though the media has evolved, content is still king.  

Yes, Content Is Still King But What Is “Good Content”?

Content was primarily text-based in the past. But times have changed. In this digital marketing era, content comes in many different forms - webinars, infographics, videos, podcasts, ebooks, surveys, quizzes. No matter what medium you prefer, “good content” should interest, educate or entertain your customers. It should also be engaging so your followers and fans remain dedicated consumers of your brand.

Good Content Drives Business Growth Online

Content is now the heart of all online businesses. It drives traffic to websites, blogs and social media; making it more important than ever. The relatively low costs and greater reach of content marketing allows it to have a considerable impact on your business’ profits.
Is successful content marketing strategy eluding you? Your online business growth depends on consistently creating and distributing relevant, high-quality content for your target audience. Yet so many business owners take a DIY approach to their content creation. The development of good material requires a combination of  authenticity, strategy and expert copywriting abilities. This is not easy which is why it is important to set aside a budget for content creation.

Paying a professional to help with your content may seem like a luxury. Because Content is still king, think of it as an investment in your online business success.

Top 3 Reasons to Immediately Invest in Content Creation

  1. Increases traffic. People like original, well-written content. It helps to attract new and loyal readers and keep them on your website longer.  Google values fresh content too. That’s why a website with unique copy and naturally placed keywords typically gets a higher position in an organic search rank.Bullseye
  2. Encourages Engagement. When your content is timely, memorable and shareable, your readers will respond with a comment, like, tweet or share. People who are emotionally invested in your content will promote it through social media expanding your reach.
  3. Generates new prospects & potential customers. Good content is able to educate the reader and create brand awareness without forcing in a sales message. A website visitor who sees a lot of great content on your site or on social media will consider you an authority on your business. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of people will read content from a brand they trust. This makes it easier to transition new prospects into customers in the future.

Creating strategic content that increases traffic, encourages engagement, and generates new prospects sounds easier than it is. Even a highly skilled or well-trained content creator will need to test and tweak to ensure the content satisfies your particular audience’s needs.

Why Budget For Content Creation?

High costs and somewhat low ROI caused traditional advertising to be ‘dethroned’ (especially by smaller businesses) and replaced by content marketing. Content is still King because high quality content can increase traffic to your site and impact your online business’ growth. Are you sure you’d rather leave that to chance instead of a professional?  Most business owners don’t have the expertise or the time to learn best practices and apply them to consistently produce great content for their own websites.
Setting aside a budget for professional content creation will allow you to focus on other business priorities including nurturing relationships with current customers. You’ll get good content that drives growth, stimulates conversation among your tribe and creates engagement opportunities. That kind of investment just makes good business sense.

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