The Best Sales Advice of 2019

December 17, 2019 |   3 minute read

The Best Sales Advice of 2019

Improving sales is always top of mind for businesses looking to streamline processes and promote growth. There is tons of content out there thats is focused on improving your sales process, boosting sales growth, and bringing more qualified leads to your sales team. It’s all useful, but there’s quite a bit of information to sift through. 

A Roundup of the Best Sales Advice from 2019

To make your life a bit easier, the best of the blog has been summarized here. The best sales advice from 2019 will show you how to improve your sales process and boost performance.

1. Jumpstart Your Sales in 2019 with These Surprising Statistics 

This blog went through some key sales statistics and explained how you can take advantage of the information to boost your sales performance. Many of these stats are still relevant with 2020 looming, so have a look through them again. Here are three key takeaways:

  • Most buyers want to talk about prices or demos in the first call because they’ve already read about the product on your website and blog. 
  • Fast followup is key! Respond to forms as quickly as you can (within a few hours, if possible).
  • Get to know your leads on sales calls: ask 11-14 questions on a call like:
    • What motivates you? 
    • What problems do you have? 
    • What are you passionate about?

2. Having a Solid Content Creation Strategy Can Increase Sales 

Content is key, but without a strategy you’re shooting in the dark for an unknown target, ie: wasting time, energy, and money. This post dug into why you need a solid content strategy, and how that can drive your sales results, while saving time and money, and qualifying more leads. Our three key takeaways were: 

  • image15Define your target audience and learn about them: where they spend their time, what they worry about, how they consume information, what their goals are in life.
  • Do a content audit: analyze the types of content that your audience prefers. Monitor analytics on your content to find out what performs best, and align your strategy to create more of that. 
  • Use a Customer Relationship Management tool like Hubspot: save time with marketing automation, a central repository of information, a collaborative system, and useful analytics.

3. Improve Sales Team Performance By Outsourcing Content Creation

In order for a business blog to be effective it needs to be updated regularly with content that is relevant to your industry and customers. Regular means 4-6 posts per week. The process of writing blog posts and getting them ready for publication becomes a nearly full time job to keep that up. Here are 3 reasons you should outsource your content creation instead of saddling someone in the office with it:

  • You suggest ideas, topics, relevant issues for your industry, and someone else does the writing, while you keep focusing on what you do best. 
  • Outsourcing content creation means your team will get better qualified sales leads, and they can focus on closing those deals instead of worrying about what to write for the next blog post.
  • A content creation team includes professional writers, editors, and SEO experts. So you don’t have to worry about SEO, spelling, or grammar, it's covered for you.

Sales is a challenging field that is constantly adapting and changing to meet the needs of customers. No matter what your industry, these are solid best practices that can be applied. 

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