Unhappy with the copywriter you paid?

July 23, 2011 |   2 minute read


Unhappy with the copywriter you paid?

Most copywriters are freelance writers. Which means they might not have the same Quality Management Systems in place as a copywriting company. At least that's what our clients thank us for.

"Tangible Words was able to articulate our message by facilitating a process that was engaging and focussed." - Ontime Group Australia

By following our 3-Stage Briefing process, offering 2 sets of edits, and using 2 trained copywriters on every job, you won't be unhappy with the words on your website and brochures ever again.
Ask about our Comprehensive Package and see an itemized list of every service you'll get so your expectations are met every time.

"Each piece of content developed by Tangible Words was a masterclass in effective, engaging copy, cutting through the waffle to keep our site concise, on message and aligned to our business objectives." - Certatech

It's a pleasure. :)  - Alysha Dominico, Operations Manager, Tangible Words Australia & Tangible Words Canada.