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July 04, 2012 |   2 minute read

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Before: The OnTime Group (A Transportation Company) Had These Problems...

1. The OnTime Group was trying to create a brochure. But it was taking too long (over 4 months), and there didn't seem to be a set process for completion in place.
2. So far, the content in the early drafts of the brochure seemed inaccurate, or "not quite right" but no one really knew how to fix it and finish the job.The images and layout that the graphic team had created were good, but the messages around the text needed help.
3. Trying to complete the editing in-house was confusing. They'd been going back and forth trying to make adjustments to the wording, but besides basic grammar, no one knew how to fix the other key components of writing: like aligning messages with the target audience's needs; creating a logical flow and a structure that was simple-to-read.

After: The OnTime Group Got The Company Brochure They Wanted

Tangible Words arrived with a structure to complete the project, giving The OnTime Group a sense of control again.
1. First, an investigative process was needed to understand the work that had been done and the "big picture" concept The OnTime Group wanted.  The OnTime Group was immediately happier because Tangible Words' process had everyone on the same side before we started messing around with text and making edits – the goals and expectations were shared, all input was collected so all key DMs' (decision makers) opinions were included from the start.
With "big picture" established,  Tangible Words managed the rest of the details: what words would create the big picture message? 
2.  The confusing elements (like different messages directed at separate target audiences) was no longer confusing. The sales benefits (and value) of using The OnTime Group was identified and separated for each target audience.
3. The ideas were selected, deleted, rewording, reorganised and rewritten so that they made sense, and met The OnTime Group's expectations. Plus, a PROCESS FOR EDITING was now in place. So the client didn't feel like they needed to "rewrite the brochure" just because they wanted to change words.
4.  Tangible Words wrote the text of the brochure to suit the preconceived images and graphical layout of the brochure.
5. The copy for the brochure was created in 5 business days (a guarantee we offer all companies) so that the brochure they wanted (that had been taking 4 months or more) was created within a week of meeting with Tangible Words.

And here’s what The OnTime Group had to say about the experience of working with Tangible Words.

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