Website Content Accessibility - Guidelines all Companies Must Follow!

October 08, 2013 |   1 minute read

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We're going to be building websites together and we need to make sure we enter this new era of "accessibility" guidelines together.

Website Content Accessibility Resources:

AccessibilityOne of Tangible Word's clients is the Council of Ontario Universities, and they have been leading the way with Accessibility to help Universities make their teaching content and website content accessible. They have put together some good resources



Here is one: Web building Accessibility tip-sheet.

And here is the rest of  their resources site if you want to have a look around for greater information. As of January 1st, 2014, large organizations in the private and non-for-profit organizations will need ensure their websites are accessible.


Remember your Web developer should set up your website to be accessible. If they don't, pick a company that will and make sure you add this criteria to your RFP. Better yet, hire Tangible Words to craft your RFP first to ensure all your website needs are met.


If you would like to discuss what your website content accessibility responsibilities are, please do not hesitate to contact Alysha by email or phone ( 1-416-779-7407)

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