5 Reasons You Need A Content Strategy Before a Website Developer

November 28, 2013 |   1 minute read

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In our last article we discussed avoiding one-stop shop website companies and, 'How to Save Money when Redoing Your Business Website. Look for specialists for each area of your business website.

Here are 5 Reasons You Need A Content Strategy Before You Need a Website Developer:

  1. Accessibility: does your website communicate well with online reading software and captioning software?
  2. Search Engine Optimization of your website: does your website communicate well with search engines?
  3. User-friendly navigation of your website: can they quickly grasp the main ideas and immediately get what they need?
  4. Customer-focused messages and movement through your website: can readers get back to a place they wanted to go, do they have options for finding what they're looking for? Is content suggested to them to make your website 'sticky' for the prospect?
  5. Your best self: have you examined your company from an external perspective to see if you're really saying all the amazing things you can do for your prospects, so they want to work with you because of the messages on your website?

Next, find out why Website Copywriters Should Plan Your Content Not Just Write it.

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