5 Reasons You Need A Content Strategy Before a Website Developer

November 28, 2013 |   2 minute read

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5 Reasons You Need A Content Strategy Before a Website Developer

Our last article discussed avoiding one-stop-shop website companies and 'How to Save Money when Redoing Your Business Website. Look for specialists for each area of your business website.

Here are 5 Reasons You Need A Content Strategy Before You Need a Website Developer

As technology has advanced, one-stop shopping for website content and design is now more of a positive solution. However, you must create your content first and then work on your design.
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When you're building your content strategy, take into consideration these five areas that need to be addressed before designing and populating the website:

  1. Your website must be Accessible. Look at whether or not your website communicates well with online reading software and captioning software. Clear, concise and uncomplicated language is better for all your users to understand your product and buy from you.
  2. Keep Search Engine Optimization at the top of your content must-haves.  Your website needs to use the language of your industry and include your own keywords to help you rank with search engines. SEO rules change as technology advances, too (AI has prompted the need for search engines to rank for human-generated content and new ideas.)
  3. Provide user-friendly navigation of your website. Ensure visitors can follow a logical and helpful path to complete their buyer's journey. Your content and its location on your site help visitors quickly grasp the main ideas and immediately get what they need.
  4. Add customer-focused messages and movement through your website. A website framework needs to allow readers to get to the place they want to go (and back up if needed). Effective menus and interlinked content help users find everything they need in an uncomplicated way and without losing them to outside sources like your competitor's website.
  5. Show your unique selling propositions and how you solve problems. Examine your company from an external perspective to see if capturing the amazing things you can do for your prospects in clear language.  Showing how you ease stress or fulfill a need is what prompts new leads through their decision-making process and into becoming customers.


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