Is Your Website Content Grabbing All The Business You Can?

August 31, 2011 |   1 minute read

Content Creation , Growth-Driven Design Websites

I bet you already know, customers are busy people with lots on their minds.
When your toilet is broken at home or in your office, you want an expert to come and fix your plumbing--fast.
As a consumer, you've probably been in a similar situation yourself. Something's wrong--maybe a computer--and you need it fixed immediately. So you go "shopping" and doing "research" online.
As a business owner, when a hunting prospect is seeking your services online--they are impatient (think of how you surf the net--don't you want good information fast?). 
For businesses, prospects who come looking for you and who want information fast are the proverbial 'low hanging fruit' with whom you want to work. These prospects are usually ready for a purchase, or they wouldn't have bothered with the search.
So here they are, ready to buy, and they've come to your website which tells them you're the perfect person for the job, right?
Wrong. If your website content doesn't convince this juicy prospect in 3 seconds or less, you're not going to look like the right person for the job.
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