What Online Content MUST Appear On Your Company Website?

June 22, 2011 |   2 minute read

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What Online Content MUST Appear On Your Company Website?

I've been working on copywriting this Toronto company website that has over 30 pages. The business owner figured that's what it would take to capture all of the ideas he had.

But some questions you need to ask yourself: "do my customers want to know all of this information? And is my website the best place to display this company information?"

Here's a quick activity to help you determine what online content must go on your company website:

  1. Do you need an About Us page? Your About Us Page should give only the most relevant points your customer would want to know. Usually this consists of what extra value your experience offers. A well-written unique story about your business’ history can also engage readers.
  2. What goes on your 'Contact Us' page? Make your location, maps, numbers easily accessible and clearly visible on your website—from every page. On the Contact page, an online form will make it easier for clients to email you without attracting spammers. JUST MAKE SURE you respond to every online request within 48 hours!
  3. Make a Better Homepage – the homepage is the "face" and hub of your website. Interlinking to your other pages gives you better organic rankings. Make sure it’s obvious and easy to get back to the “homepage” at all times; there’s no worse online shopping experience than clicking through a few links, and ending up lost in a website.
  4. What 'other pages' need to be on your company website? If you offer products, a gallery display might be ideal; and if you offer services, a bullet point list gives readers a point of comparison with your online competitors’ services.
  5. Should you have a Testimonials webpage? Customer reviews definitely help the reader understand why your customers are so happy. Why wouldn’t you share these happy stories with future clients?