Reasons Why Economic Developers Hesitate With Twitter

August 03, 2016 |   3 minute read

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Reasons Why Economic Developers Hesitate With Twitter

Even though Economic Development is largely a sales role (you’re selling your community) you need to line up your sales initiatives with your marketing efforts. On Twitter, economic developers  fit in with the hashtag #EcDev. And you know #EcDev is a unique and complex responsibility in your region. Your reputation is one of your most important assets. That's why, besides being concerned about ROI, economic developers hesitate with Twitter and other online marketing tools. Here's 2 more reasons:

  1. Your Business Retention Focus:
    When it comes to your Business Retention & Expansion plans (BR E) your local businesses’ success is your success. Promoting and staying in contact with other businesses is critical to you. Running out of time is common amongst economic developers (many of whom share other roles). But, good news: that’s exactly why online marketing can make your life way easier.  (Online marketing is obviously awesome for tourism, but you already know that so let’s stick with the hard topics.)
  2. Your Need to Attract Investors:
    When it comes to attracting investor attention to your community, you’re not likely to want to use big salesy list-nurturing strategies; after all, site selectors may need to be incognito as they research your community. Your desire to look professional and conscientious (i.e. about their need for confidentiality to their client - the investor) may be diminished by email address collections.

Good news: list collecting strategies aren't the only elements of online marketing! Having attractive, informative, comprehensive content ready for these investors to peruse is actually critical to your success. It allows you to make the best first impression and show you're conscientious about customer service and support. (That’s why online marketing gives another big win for economic developers.)
There's third reason economic developers are hesitant to use Twitter: you're not quite sure how Twitter works and what information is worth a tweet for your target audience. Twitter is an important resource that gives instant and anonymous access to information to investors.  You can simply tweet "Looking for available sites in...find them here." Then include a link to site selection data on your economic development website and your audience can use the information as they need it. It's confidential. You're not naming names and you're quickly providing relevant information they're interested in (Remember they follow you, or someone in your network, so they're already on board with what you have to offer.)

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